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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 February 2019Animal cultures matter for conservation  Brakes, P; Dall, SRX; Aplin, LM; et al.
    25 February 2019A case for environmental statistics of early life effects  Frankenhuis, W; Nettle, D; Dall, SRX
    6 September 2016Detection vs selection: integration of genetic, epigenetic and environmental cues in fluctuating environments  McNamara, JM; Dall, SRX; Hammerstein, P; et al.
    21 November 2018Ecological genetic conflict: Genetic architecture can shift the balance between local adaptation and plasticity  Leimar, O; Dall, SRX; McNamara, JM; et al.
    31 December 2018Effects of ambient noise on zebra finch vigilance and foraging efficiency  Evans, JC; Dall, SRX; Kight, C
    2016The evolution of individual and cultural variation in social learning  Mesoudi, A; Chang, L; Dall, SRX; et al.
    2012An evolutionary ecology of individual differences  Dall, SRX; Bell, AM; Bolnick, DI; et al.
    24 May 2016Fundamental Problems with the Cooperative Breeding Hypothesis. A reply to Burkart & Van Schaik  Thornton, A; McAuliffe, K; Dall, SRX; et al.
    24 June 2016Genes as cues of relatedness and social evolution in heterogeneous environments  Leimar, O; Dall, SRX; Hammerstein, P; et al.
    27 May 2015Habitat stability, predation risk and ‘memory syndromes’  Dalesman, S; Rendle, A; Dall, SRX
    27 September 2016Individuals that are consistent in risk-taking benefit during collective foraging  Ioannou, CC; Dall, SRX
    29 May 2019Loser-effect duration evolves independently of fighting ability  Okada, K; Okada, Y; Dall, SRX; et al.
    19 May 2016Marine mammal behavior: a review of conservation implications  Brakes, P; Dall, SRX
    6 April 2016A quantitative analysis of objective feather color assessment: measurements in the lab do not reflect true plumage color  Vaquero-Alba, I; McGowan, A; Pincheira-Donoso, D; et al.
    16 January 2018Research kudos does not need a price tag  Caro, T; Dall, SRX
    11 May 2017Towards a behavioural ecology of obesity  Higginson, AD; McNamara, JM; Dall, SRX
    2012Variation in Decision Making  Dall, SRX; Gosling, SD; Brown, GD; et al.