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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 May 2016Acknowledging long-term ecological change: The problem of shifting baselines  Klein, ES; Thurstan, RH
    29 September 2019Alkane Biosynthesis in Bacteria  Brown, S; Loh, J; Aves, S; et al.
    2017Animal Forests Through Time: Historical Data to Understand Present Changes in Marine Ecosystems  Thurstan, RH; Pandolfi, JM; zu Ermgassen, PSE
    2010The Biological Sciences  Macgregor, Herbert C.
    25 November 2016Convergent evolution of animal intelligence  Greggor, AL; Thornton, A
    4 April 2018Enhancement of Photosynthetic Productivity by Quantum Dots Application  Murray, AJ; Love, J; Redwood, MD; et al.
    19 August 2016Evolution of institutions and organizations  Currie, TE; Turchin, P; Bednar, J; et al.
    4 June 2019Fishing and fisheries of Moreton Bay  Thurstan, RH; Fraser, K; Brewer, D; et al.
    1 January 2015Micro- and nano-plastics and human health  Galloway, TS
    24 November 2018Multi-localized proteins: the peroxisome-mitochondria connection  Costello, J; Passmore, J; Islinger, M; et al.
    1 April 2019The nature and nurturing of animal minds  Thornton, A; Boogert, NJ
    1 January 2016Oral histories: Informing natural resource management using perceptions of the past  Thurstan, RH; Buckley, SM; Pandolfi, JM
    23 November 2018Plastics Additives and Human Health: A Case Study of Bisphenol A (BPA)  Galloway, TS; Lee, BP; Burić, I; et al.
    6 December 2014Protocol for Evaluating the Permissiveness of Bacterial Communities Toward Conjugal Plasmids by Quantification and Isolation of Transconjugants  Klumper, U; Dechesne, A; Smets, BF