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  • A conserved supergene locus controls colour pattern diversity in Heliconius butterflies. 

    Joron, M; Papa, R; Beltrán, M; Chamberlain, Nicola; Mavárez, J; Baxter, S; Abanto, M; Bermingham, E; Humphray, SJ; Rogers, J; Beasley, H; Barlow, K; ffrench-Constant, Richard; Mallet, J; McMillan, WO; Jiggins, CD (Public Library of Science, 2006-09-26)
    We studied whether similar developmental genetic mechanisms are involved in both convergent and divergent evolution. Mimetic insects are known for their diversity of patterns as well as their remarkable evolutionary ...
  • Highly conserved gene order and numerous novel repetitive elements in genomic regions linked to wing pattern variation in Heliconius butterflies 

    Papa, Riccardo; Morrison, Clayton M; Walters, James R; Counterman, Brian A; Chen, Rui; Halder, Georg; Ferguson, Laura; Chamberlain, Nicola; ffrench-Constant, Richard; Kapan, Durrell D; Jiggins, Chris D; Reed, Robert D; McMillan, William O (BioMed Central, 2008-07-22)
    Background With over 20 parapatric races differing in their warningly colored wing patterns, the butterfly Heliconius erato provides a fascinating example of an adaptive radiation. Together with matching races of its ...