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  • Coevolution of non-fertile sperm and female receptivity in a butterfly. 

    Wedell, Nina; Wiklund, Christer; Bergström, Jonas (Royal Society, The, 2009-10-23)
    Sexual conflict can promote rapid evolution of male and female reproductive traits. Males of many polyandrous butterflies transfer nutrients at mating that enhances female fecundity, but generates sexual conflict over ...
  • Nuptial gifts fail to resolve a sexual conflict in an insect 

    Wedell, Nina; Tregenza, Tom; Simmons, Leigh W (BioMed Central, 2008-07-15)
    Background Because of the potential benefits to individuals of saving investment for future mating opportunities, there is conflict between mates over most aspects of reproduction. Males of many species transfer compounds ...
  • Temperature can shape a cline in polyandry, but only genetic variation can sustain it over time 

    Taylor, Michelle Louise; Price, TAR; Skeats, A; Wedell, Nina (Oxford University Press, 2015)
    Multiple mating by females (polyandry) is a widespread behavior occurring in diverse taxa, species, and populations. Polyandry can also vary widely within species, and individual populations, so that both monandrous and ...