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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 May 201650 Years of JBE: From science and environmental education to civic science  Dillon, J
    30 January 2015'All in favour, say aye!' Voting in pupils' collaborative talk.  Newman, RMC
    2010'The art of democracy': young people's democratic learning in gallery contexts  Lawy, Robert; Biesta, Gert; McDonnell, Jane; et al.
    1 May 2019A case study in Biblical interpretation: knowledge, knower and knowing (part 2)  John, H; Freathy, R
    29 January 2017A co-creativity theoretical framework to foster and evaluate the presence of wise humanising creativity in virtual learning environments (VLEs)  Walsh, CS; Chappell, K; Craft, A
    1 May 2017A comparative overview of educational psychology across continents.  Boyle, C; Lauchlan, F
    11 May 2019A comparative study of the factors shaping postsecondary aspirations for low-income students in greater Boston and greater London  Grim, J; Moore-Vissing, Q; Mountford-Zimdars, AK
    12 June 2012A comparison of prematurity and small for gestational age as risk factors for age 6–13year emotional problems  Hall, J; Wolke, D
    31 March 2017A corpus-based lexical analysis of Chinese medicine research articles.  Lu, C; Durrant, P
    2018A cross-cultural study of hedging in discussion sections by graduates and professional writers  Abdollahzadeh, E
    1 March 2006A dialogic understanding of the relationship between CSCL and teaching thinking skills  Wegerif, Rupert
    3 November 2016‘Diversity’ ‘Widening Participation’ and ‘Inclusion’ in Higher Education : An International study  Gibson, S; Baskerville, D; Berry, D; et al.
    31 August 2017‘The Dress of Thought’: Analysing literature through a linguistic lens  Myhill, DA
    2010'Everything is in parables': An exploration of pupils' difficulties in understanding Christian beliefs concerning Jesus  Freathy, R.J.K.; Aylward, Karen
    2011A function-first approach to identifying formulaic language in academic writing  Durrant, Philip; Mathews-Aydinli, Julie
    1 November 2004'Heaven help the teachers!' Parents' perspectives on the introduction of education for citizenship  Holden, Cathie
    1 May 2016“I don’t need pink hair here”: Should we be seeking to reintegrate youngsters without challenging school cultures?  Levinson, Martin; Thompson, Mel
    17 March 2017"I'd been like freaking out the whole night": exploring emotion regulation based on junior doctors' narratives  Lundin, RM; Bashir, K; Bullock, A; et al.
    25 September 2018“If they’ve had a middle class upbringing that’s not their fault”: the professional practices and personal identities of admissions staff at selective universities in England  Jones, S; Hall, D; Bragg, J
    11 May 2015‘It’s all about developing the whole child’: An examination of the ‘legacy’ benefits of Youth Sport Trust’s school-based inclusion initiatives  Black, Alison E.; Craft, Anna; Costello, Rebecca; et al.