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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2016Hear my voice: a community-based participatory study gathering the lived experiences of people with disabilities and older people in Tanzania  Greenwood, M; Fakih, B; Steff, , M; et al.
    17 October 2016Hidden treasure: Successful international doctoral students who found and harnessed the hidden curriculum  Elliott, D; Reid, K; Makara Fuller, K
    15 November 2018History of Education Teacher?  Freathy, R; Doney, J
    18 September 2019How Can Schools Support Parents’ Engagement in their Children’s Learning? Evidence from Research and Practice  Axford, N; Berry, V; Lloyd, J; et al.
    2 April 2015How can we confidently judge the extent to which student voice in higher education has been genuinely amplified? A proposal for a new evaluation framework  Seale, Jane
    25 June 2015How did it become possible? Supranational Ecumenical developments and changes in Religious Education during the 1960s and 1970s  Doney, J
    1 January 2017How prepared are UK medical graduates for practice? A rapid review of the literature 2009-2014.  Monrouxe, LV; Grundy, L; Mann, M; et al.
    2014How prepared are UK medical graduates for practice? Final report from a programme of research commissioned by the General Medical Council, submitted June 2014  Mattick, Karen; Monrouxe, Lynn V.; Bullock, Alison; et al.
    2009How Talk Becomes Text: investigating the concept of oral rehearsal in early years’ classrooms.  Myhill, Debra; Jones, Susan M.
    9 May 2018How to deliver the mental health services that young people desperately need  Boyle, C; shield, W
    26 August 2019How well do we understand social inclusion in education?  Koutsouris, G; Anglin-Jaffe, H; Stentiford, L