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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 December 2014Raiders of the Lost Archives: Searching for the Hidden History of Religious Education in England  Freathy, R.J.K.; Parker, Stephen G.; Doney, Jonathan
    1 November 2006Rates of Return: What are 16-17 year-olds doing?  Hall, JE
    2013RE-searchers: A dialogic approach to RE in primary schools  Freathy, R.J.K.; Freathy, Giles
    1 April 2012Re-thinking grammar: The impact of embedded grammar teaching on students' writing and students' metalinguistic understanding  Myhill, Debra; Jones, Susan M.; Lines, Helen; et al.
    2005Reason and creativity in classroom dialogues  Wegerif, Rupert
    5 November 2013Reasoning-and-proving in geometry in school mathematics textbooks in Japan  Fujita, T; Jones, K
    2009Recognising and rewarding teachers' contributions  Troudi, Salah
    30 June 2020Relevance of the socio-cultural perspective in the discussion about critical thinking  Imperio, A; Staarman, JK; Basso, D
    2008Religious beliefs: A hidden variable in the performance of science teachers in the classroom  Mansour, Nasser
    2008Religious Beliefs: a hidden variable in the performance of science teachers in the classroom (previous version)  Mansour, Nasser
    31 July 2018Religious Education, Big Ideas and the study of religion(s) and worldview(s)  Freathy, R; John, H
    1 September 2007Remembering the future: what do children think?  Hicks, David; Holden, Cathie
    2015Review Essay. On Holy Ground: The Theory and Practice of Religious Education.  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2004Review of Chadwick, Priscilla. Shifting Alliances: Church and State in English Education. 1997  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2006Review of Claire, Hilary. Teaching Citizenship in Primary Schools. Exeter: Learning Matters Ltd, 2006  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2010Review of Copley, Terence. Teaching religion: sixty years of religious education in England and Wales  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2004Review of Lawton, Denis & Gordon, Peter. A History of Western Educational Ideas. 2002  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2009Review of McCulloch, Gary. Cyril Norwood and the Ideal of Secondary Education. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007  Freathy, R.J.K.
    2006Review of Oxfam Development Education & Programme, Education for Global Citizenship: A Guide for Schools. Great Britain: Oxfam, 2006  Freathy, R.J.K.
    23 April 2020Review of research literature about the use of lesson study and lesson study-related practices relevant to the field of special needs and inclusive education  Norwich, B; Benham-Clarke, S; Goei, SL