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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 November 2018The association between child and adolescent depression and poor attendance at school: A systematic review and meta-analysis  Finning, K; Ukoumunne, O; Ford, T; et al.
    28 June 2017The association between child and adolescent emotional disorder and poor attendance at school: a systematic review protocol.  Finning, K; Moore, D; Ukoumunne, OC; et al.
    2014Attitudes towards inclusion scale adjusted (TAISA)  Boyle, C
    2006Authenticity, Culture and Language Learning  MacDonald, Malcolm; Badger, Richard; Dasli, Maria
    2020‘Beanz Meanz Professional Learning’: Beginning a pedagogical reflective sketchbook  Hall, E
    18 February 2015Behavioural difficulties that co-occur with specific word reading difficulties: A UK population-based cohort study  Russell, Ginny; Ryder, Denise; Norwich, Brahm; et al.
    13 September 2018Belief, Belonging and the Role of Schools in Reducing the Risk of Home-Grown Extremism  Roffey, S; Boyle, C
    1 June 2015Believing you can is the first step to achieving  Chodkiewicz, Alicia R; Boyle, Christopher
    10 June 2019Between a rock and a hard place: expatriate teacher narratives of expectation and exasperation  Desai, S
    2012Beyond compliance: teacher education practice in a performative framework  Lawy, Robert; Tedder, Michael
    9 April 2015Beyond the amusement, puzzlement and challenges: an enquiry into international students’ academic acculturation  Elliot, Dely Lazarte; Reid, Kate; Baumfield, Vivienne
    2006Biblos in New Zealand  Copley, Terence; Freathy, R.J.K.; Walshe, Karen; et al.
    1 January 2013Book prefaces in basic, applied and social sciences: A genre-based study  Abdollahzadeh, E; Salarvand, H
    2011Book review of documenta 12 education volumes 1 and 2  Hall, Emese
    1 June 2013Book Review of Exploring Children’s Creative Narratives  Hall, Emese
    2011Book review of The new literacies: multiple perspectives on research and practice  Hall, Emese
    2 April 2007Book Review: Breaking the cycle of educational alienation: A multi-professional approach  Boyle, C
    1 May 2018Book review: Denying to the Grave: Why We Ignore the Facts That Will Save Us  Boyle, C
    3 June 2019The British Council of Churches’ influence on the ‘Radical Rethinking of Religious Education’ in the 1960s & 1970s  Doney, J
    20 December 2012Can preschool protect young children’s cognitive and social development? Variation by center quality and duration of attendance  Hall, J; Sylva, K; Sammons, P; et al.