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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    3 April 2018Hayatleh v Modfy: presuming the validity of a known ceremony of marriage  Probert, RJ
    24 September 2018Neither sacred nor profane: the permitted content of civil marriage ceremonies  Pywell, S; Probert, RJ
    6 July 2018The presumptions in favour of marriage  Probert, RJ
    15 January 2019R v Hall and the changing perceptions of the crime of bigamy  Probert, RJ
    2018State and Law  Probert, RJ
    30 September 2018A uniform law of marriage? The 1868 Royal Commission reconsidered  Probert, RJ; Harding, M; Dempsey, B
    30 September 2018A Uniform Marriage Law for England and Wales?  Probert, RJ