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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    4 April 2017Results from a set of three-dimensional numerical experiments of a hot Jupiter atmosphere.  Browning, Matthew K.; Jackson, David R.; Thuburn, John; et al.
    2007Retrieving the susceptibility from time-resolved terahertz experiments  Schins, Juleon M.; Hendry, Euan; Bonn, Mischa; et al.
    24 December 2014Revealing T-Tubules in Striated Muscle with New Optical Super-Resolution Microscopy Techniquess.  Jayasinghe, ID; Clowsley, AH; Munro, M; et al.
    1 March 2013Revealing the inclined circumstellar disk in the UX Orionis system KK Ophiuchi  Kreplin, A; Weigelt, G; Kraus, S; et al.
    2012Revealing the inner circumstellar disk of the T Tauri star S Coronae Australis N using the VLTI  Vural, J.; Kreplin, Alexander; Kraus, Stefan; et al.
    1 December 2009Revealing the sub-AU asymmetries of the inner dust rim in the disk around the Herbig Ae star R Coronae Austrinae  Kraus, S; Hofmann, K-H; Malbet, F; et al.
    3 March 2020Revealing the underlying mechanisms behind TE extraordinary THz transmission  Freer, S; Camacho, M; Kuznetsov, SA; et al.
    26 March 2018Reversal of orbital angular momentum arising from an extreme Doppler shift.  Gibson, GM; Toninelli, E; Horsley, SAR; et al.
    2014Revisiting the Bragg reflector to illustrate modern developments in optics  Horsley, S.A.R.; Wu, Jin-Hu; Artoni, M.; et al.
    1 July 2015Robust high-contrast companion detection from interferometric observations. The CANDID algorithm and an application to six binary Cepheids  Gallenne, A; Mérand, A; Kervella, P; et al.
    11 September 2019Role of Anisotropy and Refractive Index in Scattering and Whiteness Optimization  Jacucci, G; Bertolotti, J; Vignolini, S
    20 May 2013Role of boundaries in micromagnetic calculations of magnonic spectra of arrays of magnetic nanoelements  Dmytriiev, O; Kruglyak, VV; Franchin, M; et al.
    15 March 2017Role of Charge Traps in the Performance of Atomically Thin Transistors.  Amit, I; Octon, TJ; Townsend, NJ; et al.
    24 August 2017Role of defect states in functionalized graphene photodetectors  Mehew, JD; Barnes, MD; Dubois, M; et al.
    6 October 2017Role of Dielectric Drag in Polaron Mobility in Lead Halide Perovskites  Bonn, M; Miyata, K; Hendry, E; et al.
    13 December 2018The role of magnetic fields in the formation of protostellar discs  Wurster, JH; Li, Z-Y
    4 December 2018Role of magnons and the size effect in heat transport through an insulating ferromagnet/insulator interface  Shklovskij, VA; Kruglyak, VV; Vovk, RV; et al.
    30 May 2014Role of quasicylindrical waves and surface plasmon polaritons on beam shaping with resonant nanogratings in the infrared  Gan, Choon How; Pugh, JR; Cryan, MJ; et al.
    14 May 2018Role of spin-orbit coupling in the physical properties of LaX3 (X=In, P, Bi) superconductors  Tütüncü, HM; Karaca, E; Uzunok, HY; et al.
    21 October 2016The roles of stellar feedback and galactic environment in star-forming molecular clouds  Rey-Raposo, R; Dobbs, C; Agertz, O; et al.