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  • Fluorescent dyes as a probe for the localized field of coupled surface plasmon-related resonances 

    Kreiter, M.; Neumann, T.; Mittler, S.; Knoll, W.; Sambles, J. Roy (American Physical Society, 2001)
    The fluorescence light of Cy5 dye molecules in the vicinity of a metal grating is studied for varying directions of both the exciting and the emitted light. A different angular dependence of the intensity of the emitted ...
  • Focus on quantum thermodynamics 

    Anders, J; Esposito, M (IOP Publishing, 2017-01-06)
  • Formation of the band spectrum of spin waves in 1D magnonic crystals with different types of interfacial boundary conditions 

    Kruglyak, VV; Davies, CS; Tkachenko, VS; Gorobets, OY; Gorobets, YI; Kuchko, AN (IOP Publishing, 2017-02-02)
    We report a theoretical study of the spin-wave band spectrum of magnonic crystals formed by stacking thin-film magnetic layers, with general assumptions about the properties of the interfaces between the layers. The use ...
  • Franck-Condon blockade in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots 

    Leturcq, Renaud; Stampfer, Christoph; Inderbitzin, Kevin; Durrer, Lukas; Hierold, Christofer; Mariani, Eros; Schultz, Maximilian G.; von Oppen, Felix; Ensslin, Klaus (Nature Publishing Group, 2009)
    Understanding the influence of vibrational motion of the atoms on electronic transitions in molecules constitutes a cornerstone of quantum physics, as epitomized by the Franck-Condon principle of spectroscopy. Recent ...
  • The frequency and nature of 'cloud-cloud collisions' in galaxies 

    Dobbs, Clare; Pringle, J.E.; Duarte-Cabral, A. (Oxford University Press, 2015-02)
    We investigate cloud-cloud collisions, and GMC evolution, in hydrodynamic simulations of isolated galaxies. The simulations include heating and cooling of the ISM, self--gravity and stellar feedback. Over timescales <5 Myr ...
  • The fresnel interferometric imager 

    Koechlin, Laurent; Serre, Denis; Deba, Paul; Pello, Roser; Peillon, Christelle; Duchon, Paul; Gomez de Castro, Ana Ines; Karovska, Margarita; Desert, J.-M.; Ehrenreich, D.; Hebrard, G.; Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Ferlet, R.; Sing, David K.; Vidal-Madjar, A. (Springer Verlag, 2009)
    The Fresnel Interferometric Imager has been proposed to the European Space Agency (ESA) Cosmic Vision plan as a class L mission. This mission addresses several themes of the CV Plan: Exoplanet study, Matter in extreme ...
  • Friends of hot Jupiters. II. No correspondence between hot-Jupiter spin-orbit misalignment and the incidence of directly imaged stellar companions 

    Ngo, H; Knutson, HA; Hinkley, S; Crepp, JR; Bechter, EB; Batygin, K; Howard, AW; Johnson, JA; Morton, TD; Muirhead, PS (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2015-02-20)
    Multi-star systems are common, yet little is known about a stellar companion's influence on the formation and evolution of planetary systems. For instance, stellar companions may have facilitated the inward migration of ...
  • From single-shot towards general work extraction in a quantum thermodynamic framework 

    Gemmer, Jochen; Anders, Janet (IOP Publishing:, 2015-08-18)
    This paper considers work extraction from a quantum system to a work storage system (or weight) following Horodecki and Oppenheim (2013 Nat. Commun. 4 2059). An alternative approach is here developed that relies on the ...
  • From solar to stellar corona: the role of wind, rotation and magnetism 

    Réville, Victor; Brun, Allan Sacha; Strugarek, Antoine; Matt, Sean P.; Bouvier, Jerome; Folsom, CP; Petit, P (Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing, 2015-12-01)
    Observations of surface magnetic fields are now within reach for many stellar types thanks to the development of Zeeman-Doppler Imaging. These observations are extremely useful for constraining rotational evolution models ...
  • Fully carbon metasurface: Absorbing coating in microwaves 

    Bychanok, D; Li, S; Gorokhov, G; Piasotski, K; Meisak, D; Kuzhir, P; Burgess, EA; Gallagher, CP; Ogrin, FY; Hibbins, AP; Pasc, A; Sanchez-Sanchez, A; Fierro, V; Celzard, A (American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2017-04-28)
    The microwave-absorbing properties of a heterostructure consisting of an ordered monolayer of porous glassy carbon spheres were experimentally and theoretically investigated in the Ka-band (26–37 GHz) frequency range. The ...
  • Functional modulation and directed assembly of an enzyme through designed non-natural post-translation modification 

    Hartley, AM; Zaki, AJ; McGarrity, AR; Robert-Ansart, C; Moskalenko, AV; Jones, GF; Craciun, MF; Russo, S; Elliott, M; Macdonald, JE; Jones, DD (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015-03-31)
    Post-translational modification (PTM) modulates and supplements protein functionality. In nature this high precision event requires specific motifs and/or associated modification machinery. To overcome the inherent complexity ...
  • Functionalised hexagonal-domain graphene for position-sensitive photodetectors 

    De Sanctis, A; Barnes, MD; Amit, I; Craciun, M; Russo (IOP Publishing, 2017-02-24)
    Graphene's unique photoresponse has been largely used in a multitude of optoelectronics applications ranging from broadband photodetectors to wave-guide modulators. In this work we extend the range of applications to ...
  • The future of medical diagnostics: review paper. 

    Jerjes, WK; Upile, T; Wong, BJ; Betz, CS; Sterenborg, HJ; Witjes, MJ; Berg, K; van Veen, R; Biel, MA; El-Naggar, AK; Mosse, CA; Olivo, M; Richards-Kortum, R; Robinson, DJ; Rosen, J; Yodh, AG; Kendall, C; Ilgner, JF; Amelink, A; Bagnato, V; Barr, H; Bolotine, L; Bigio, I; Chen, Z; Choo-Smith, L-P; D'Cruz, AK; Gillenwater, A; Leunig, A; MacRobert, AJ; McKenzie, G; Sandison, A; Soo, KC; Stepp, H; Stone, N; Svanberg, K; Tan, IB; Wilson, BC; Wolfsen, H; Hopper, C (Open Access Publishing London, 2011-08-23)
    While histopathology of excised tissue remains the gold standard for diagnosis, several new, non-invasive diagnostic techniques are being developed. They rely on physical and biochemical changes that precede and mirror ...
  • Future probabilistic hot summer years for overheating risk assessments 

    Liu, C; Kershaw, T; Eames, ME; Coley, DA (Elsevier, 2016-05-24)
    As the 2003 Paris heatwave showed, elevated temperatures in buildings can cause thousands of deaths. This makes the assessment of overheating risk a critical exercise. Unfortunately current methods of creating example ...
  • Future Science Prospects for AMI 

    Grainge, K; Alexander, P; Battye, R; Birkinshaw, M; Blain, A; Bremer, M; Bridle, S; Brown, M; Davis, R; Dickinson, C; Edge, A; Efstathiou, G; Fender, R; Hardcastle, M; Hatchell, J; Hobson, M; Jarvis, M; Maughan, B; McHardy, I; Middleton, M; Lasenby, A; Saunders, R; Savini, G; Scaife, A; Smith, G; Thompson, M; White, G; Zarb-Adami, K; Allison, J; Buckle, J; Castro-Tirado, A; Chernyakova, M; Deane, R; Feroz, F; Santos, RG; Green, D; Hannikainen, D; Heywood, I; Hurley-Walker, N; Kneissl, R; Koljonen, K; Kulkarni, S; Markoff, S; MacTavish, C; McCollough, M; Migliari, S; Miller, JM; Miller-Jones, J; Olamaie, M; Paragi, Z; Pearson, T; Pooley, G; Pottschmidt, K; Rebolo, R; Richer, J; Riley, J; Rodriguez, J; Rodriguez-Gonzalvez, C; Rushton, A; Savolainen, P; Scott, P; Shimwell, T; Tavani, M; Tomsick, J; Tudose, V; Heyden, KVD; Horst, AVD; Varlotta, A; Waldram, E; Wilms, J; Zdziarski, A; Zwart, J; Perrott, Y; Rumsey, C; Schammel, M (, 2012-08-17)
    The Arcminute Microkelvin Imager (AMI) is a telescope specifically designed for high sensitivity measurements of low-surface-brightness features at cm-wavelength and has unique, important capabilities. It consists of two ...
  • A gamma-ray burst at a redshift of z approximate to 8.2 

    Tanvir, N.R.; Fox, D.B.; Levan, A.J.; Berger, E.; Wiersema, K.; Fynbo, J.P.U.; Cucchiara, A.; Kruehler, T.; Gehrels, N.; Bloom, J.S.; Greiner, J.; Evans, P.A.; Rol, E.; Olivares, F.; Hjorth, J.; Jakobsson, P.; Farihi, J.; Willingale, R.; Starling, R.L.C.; Cenko, S.B.; Perley, D.; Maund, J.R.; Duke, J.; Wijers, R.A.M.J.; Adamson, A.J.; Allan, Alasdair; Bremer, M.N.; Burrows, D.N.; Castro-Tirado, A.J.; Cavanagh, B.; de Ugarte Postigo, A.; Dopita, M.A.; Fatkhullin, T.A.; Fruchter, A.S.; Foley, R.J.; Gorosabel, J.; Kennea, J.; Kerr, T.; Klose, S.; Krimm, H.A.; Komarova, V.N.; Kulkarni, S.R.; Moskvitin, A.S.; Mundell, C.G.; Naylor, Tim; Page, K.; Penprase, B.E.; Perri, M.; Podsiadlowski, P.; Roth, K.; Rutledge, R.E.; Sakamoto, T.; Schady, P.; Schmidt, B.P.; Soderberg, A.M.; Sollerman, J.; Stephens, A.W.; Stratta, G.; Ukwatta, T.N.; Watson, D.; Westra, E.; Wold, T.; Wolf, C. (Nature Publishing Group, 2009)
  • Gapless states in microwave artificial graphene (article) 

    Dautova, YN; Shytov, AV; Hooper, IR; Sambles, JR; Hibbins, AP (AIP Publishing, 2017-06-30)
    A microwave analogue of graphene comprised of cylindrical metallic rods arranged in a honeycomb array is fabricated. Dispersion curves of the bound electromagnetic eigenmodes of the system were experimentally determined ...
  • Gapless states in microwave artificial graphene (dataset) 

    Dautova, J; Shytov, A; Hooper, IR; Sambles, JR; Hibbins, AP (University of Exeter, 2017-06-30)
  • Gas accretion on to planetary cores: Three-dimensional self-gravitating radiation hydrodynamical calculations 

    Ayliffe, Benjamin A.; Bate, Matthew R. (Oxford University Press / Royal Astronomical Society, 2009)
    We present results from three-dimensional, self-gravitating radiation hydrodynamical models of gas accretion by planetary cores. In some cases, the accretion flow is resolved down to the surface of the solid core – the ...
  • Gas distribution, kinematics, and excitation structure in the disks around the Classical Be Stars β Canis Minoris and ζ Tauri 

    Kraus, S; Monnier, JD; Che, X; Schaefer, G; Touhami, Y; Gies, DR; Aufdenberg, JP; Baron, F; Thureau, N; ten Brummelaar, TA; McAlister, HA; Turner, NH; Sturmann, J; Sturmann, L (American Astronomical Society / IOP Publishing, 2011-12-08)
    Using CHARA and VLTI near-infrared spectro-interferometry with hectometric baseline lengths (up to 330 m) and with high spectral resolution (up to λ/Δλ = 12, 000), we studied the gas distribution and kinematics around two ...