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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 September 2017Designer surface plasmon dispersion on a one-dimensional periodic slot metasurface with glide symmetry (journal article)  Camacho, M; Mitchell-Thomas, RC; Hibbins, AP; et al.
    26 January 2018Designing disorder  Bertolotti, J
    15 May 2018Designing scattering-free isotropic index profiles using phase-amplitude equations  King, C; Horsley, S; Philbin, TG
    2006Detailed optical study of the transparent wing membranes of the dragonfly Aeshna cyanea  Hooper, Ian R.; Vukusic, Peter; Wootton, R. J.
    5 August 2019Detecting life outside our solar system with a large high-contrast-imaging mission  Snellen, I; Albrecht, S; Anglada-Escude, G; et al.
    2003Detecting planetary transits in the presence of stellar variability. Optimal filtering and the use of colour information  Carpano, S.; Aigrain, Suzanne; Favata, F.
    5 March 2015Detecting polymeric nanoparticles with coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering microscopy in tissues exhibiting fixative-induced autofluorescence  Garrett, NL; Godfrey, L; Lalatsa, A; et al.
    2016Detecting stellar-wind bubbles through infrared arcs in HII regions  Mackey, J; Haworth, Thomas; Gvaramadze, VV; et al.
    2008Detecting temporal and spatial effects of epithelial cancers with Raman spectroscopy.  Keller, MD; Kanter, EM; Lieber, CA; et al.
    25 June 2015Detecting the Companions and Ellipsoidal Variations of RS CVn Primaries. I. σ Geminorum  Roettenbacher, RM; Monnier, JD; Henry, G.; et al.
    20 March 2008Detection of an Inner Gaseous Component in a Herbig Be Star Accretion Disk: Near- and Mid-Infrared Spectrointerferometry and Radiative Transfer modeling of MWC 147  Kraus, S; Preibisch, T; Ohnaka, K
    15 May 2015Detection of anomalous Hall voltages in ultra-high mobility two-dimensional hole gases generated by optical spin orientation  Vasyukov, D.A.; Plaut, Annette S.; Henini, M.; et al.
    2008Detection of atmospheric haze on an extrasolar planet: The 0.55-1.05 μm transmission spectrum of HD 189733b with the Hubble Space Telescope  Pont, F.; Knutson, H.; Gilliland, R.L.; et al.
    4 December 2017Detection of Aβ plaque-associated astrogliosis in Alzheimer’s disease brain by spectroscopic imaging and immunohistochemistry  Palombo, F; Tamagnini, F; Jeynes, J; et al.
    1 September 2016Detection of Barrett's Neoplasia In Oesophageal Cells Using Infrared Spectroscopy  Old, O; Lloyd, G; Isabelle, M; et al.
    22 April 2016Detection of H2O and evidence for TiO/VO in an ultra hot exoplanet atmosphere  Evans, TE; Sing, David K.; Wakeford, H.R.; et al.
    23 July 2010Detection of high-velocity material from the wind-wind collision zone of Eta Carinae across the 2009.0 periastron passage  Groh, JH; Nielsen, KE; Damineli, A; et al.
    22 April 2020Detection of Na, K, and H2O in the hazy atmosphere of WASP-6b  Carter, AL; Nikolov, N; Sing, DK; et al.
    26 July 2018Detection of the gravitational redshift in the orbit of the star S2 near the Galactic centre massive black hole  Du Foresto, VC; De Zeeuw, PT; Deen, C; et al.
    24 February 2017Determination of Depth in Transmission Raman Spectroscopy in Turbid Media Using a Beam Enhancing Element  Vardaki, MZ; Sheridan, H; Stone, N; et al.