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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 June 2017High sensitivity non-invasive detection of calcifications deep inside biological tissue using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy.  Ghita, A; Matousek, P; Stone, N
    2 November 2020High-fidelity off-axis digital optical phase conjugation with transmission matrix assisted calibration (article)  Mididoddi, CK; Lennon, RA; Li, S; et al.
    15 October 2020High-fidelity off-axis digital optical phase conjugation with transmission matrix assisted calibration (dataset)  Mididoddi, CK; Lennon, R; Li, S; et al.
    2006High-frequency dielectric relaxation of liquid crystals: THz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystal colloids  Oh-e, Masahito; Yokoyama, Hiroshi; Koeberg, Mattijs; et al.
    2 November 2017High-Mobility and High-Optical Quality Atomically Thin WS2  Reale, F; Palczynski, P; Amit, I; et al.
    30 January 2019High-order Magnetohydrodynamics for Astrophysics with an Adaptive Mesh Refinement Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme  Guillet, TA; Pakmor, R; Springel, V; et al.
    21 July 2017High-performance versatile setup for simultaneous Brillouin-Raman micro-spectroscopy  Scarponi, F; Mattana, S; Corezzi, S; et al.
    2 November 2015High-resolution FTIR imaging of colon tissues for elucidation of individual cellular and histopathological features.  Nallala, J; Lloyd, GR; Shepherd, N; et al.
    7 March 2013High-temperature measurements of VUV-absorption cross sections of CO2 and their application to exoplanets  Venot, O; Fray, N; Bénilan, Y; et al.
    25 September 2017Highly Efficient Rubrene–Graphene Charge-Transfer Interfaces as Phototransistors in the Visible Regime  Jones, GF; Pinto, RM; De Sanctis, A; et al.
    17 July 2020Highly nonlinear trion-polaritons in a monolayer semiconductor  Emmanuele, RPA; Sich, M; Kyriienko, O; et al.
    20 November 2015Highly tunable hybrid metamaterials employing split-ring resonators strongly coupled to graphene surface plasmons.  Liu, PQ; Luxmoore, Isaac John; Mikhailov, SA; et al.
    2012Hint of a transiting extended atmosphere on 55 Cancri b  Ehrenreich, D.; Bourrier, V.; Bonfils, X.; et al.
    23 September 2020Hippopede curves for modelling radial spin waves in an azimuthal graded magnonic landscape  Ruiz, DO; Hibbins, AP; Ogrin, FY
    15 May 2019Histopathological changes and antioxidant responses in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) exposed to copper nanoparticles  Noureen, A; Jabeen, F; Tabish, TA; et al.
    4 January 2016Hollow carbon spheres in microwaves: Bio inspired absorbing coating  Bychanok, D; Li, S; Sanchez-Sanchez, A; et al.
    2013Holographic imaging of interlayer coupling in Co/Pt/NiFe  Duckworth, Thomas A.; Ogrin, Feodor Y.; Beutier, Guillaume; et al.
    11 February 2016Holographic imaging of magnetization in a single layer nano-contact spin transfer oscillator  Parra, EOB; Bukin, N; Dupraz, M; et al.
    14 June 2016Homogeneously Bright, Flexible, and Foldable Lighting Devices with Functionalized Graphene Electrodes.  Torres Alonso, E; Karkera, G; Jones, GF; et al.
    2010Horizon effects with surface waves on moving water  Rousseaux, Germain; Maissa, Philippe; Mathis, Christian; et al.