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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    16 July 2020Implications of different stellar spectra for the climate of tidally locked Earth-like exoplanets (article)  Eager, J; Reichelt, D; Mayne, N; et al.
    28 May 2020Implications of different stellar spectra for the climate of tidally--locked Earth-like exoplanets (dataset)  Eager, JK; Reichelt, DJ; Mayne, NJ; et al.
    20 April 2020Implications of three-dimensional chemical transport in hot Jupiter atmospheres: results from a consistently coupled chemistry-radiation-hydrodynamics model  Drummond, B; Hébrard, E; Mayne, N; et al.
    2008Importance of diffraction in determining the dispersion of designer surface plasmons  Hendry, Euan; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy
    29 March 2021Improved stability of organic photovoltaic devices with FeCl3 intercalated graphene electrodes (dataset)  Walsh, K; Murphy, C; Russo, S; et al.
    23 April 2021Improved Stability of Organic Photovotlaic Devices With FeCl3 Intercalated Graphene Electrodes (article)  Walsh, K; Murphy, C; Russo, S; et al.
    14 October 2017Improving Catalogue Matching By Supplementing Astrometry with Additional Photometric Information  wilson, TJ; Naylor, T
    17 May 2018In situ chemically specific mapping of agrochemical seed coatings using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy.  Wang, C-C; Moorhouse, S; Stain, C; et al.
    28 September 2016In situ observation of single-molecule surface reactions from low to high affinities  Kim, E; Baaske, MD; Vollmer, F
    30 July 2014In vivo cervical intervertebral disc characterisation by elastography.  Vergari, C; Rouch, P; Dubois, G; et al.
    1 May 2015In vivo chemical and structural analysis of plant cuticular waxes using stimulated Raman scattering microscopy.  Littlejohn, George; Mansfield, Jessica; Parker, David; et al.
    20 April 2017Increased collagen within the transverse tubules in human heart failure.  Crossman, DJ; Shen, X; Jüllig, M; et al.
    20 December 2018Increased radiation dose and projected radiation-related lifetime cancer risk in patients with obesity due to projection radiography  Alqahtani, S; Wellbourn, R; Meakin, JR; et al.
    9 March 2015Independently controlling permittivity and diamagnetism in broadband, low-loss, isotropic metamaterials at microwave frequencies  Parke, L.; Hooper, Ian R.; Edwards, E.; et al.
    11 November 2019Indifferent electromagnetic modes: Bound states and topology  Horsley, SAR
    1 July 2015Indirect detection of forming protoplanets via chemical asymmetries in disks  Cleeves, L. Ilsedore; Bergin, Edwin A.; Harries, Tim J.
    1 December 2019Indirect optical trapping using light driven micro-rotors for reconfigurable hydrodynamic manipulation  Būtaitė, UG; Gibson, GM; Ho, YLD; et al.
    5 June 2015Individual Quantum Probes for Optimal Thermometry  Correa, LA; Mehboudi, M; Adesso, G; et al.
    2012Induced currents in the quantum Hall regime: energy storage, persistence, and I-V characteristics  Smith, Martin J.; Usher, Charles D.H.; Williams, Charles D.H.; et al.
    2005Induced currents, frozen charges and the quantum Hall effect breakdown  Kavokin, K.V.; Portnoi, M.E.; Matthews, A.J.; et al.