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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 January 2018Signal-to-noise ratio of single-pixel cameras based on photodiodes  Jauregui-Sánchez, Y; Clemente, P; Latorre-Carmona, P; et al.
    26 October 2018Significant uncertainties from calibrating overshooting with eclipsing binary systems  Constantino, T; Baraffe, I
    2006Simple theory of hot electron dynamics observed by femtosecond ellipsometry  Kruglyak, V.V.; Hicken, R.J.
    23 March 2018Simulating the cloudy atmospheres of HD 209458 b and HD 189733 b with the 3D Met Office Unified Model (article)  Lines, S; Mayne, NJ; Boutle, I; et al.
    4 May 2018Simulating the cloudy atmospheres of HD 209458 b and HD 189733 b with the 3D Met Office Unified Model (dataset)  Lines, S; Mayne, NJ; Boutle, I; et al.
    4 December 2018Simulating the Impact of the Smith Cloud  Alig, C; Hammer, S; Borodatchenkova, N; et al.
    3 August 2015Simulation of orthotic treatment in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using a subject-specific finite element model.  Vergari, C; Courtois, I; Ebermeyer, E; et al.
    2008Simulations of Dynamo Action in Fully Convective Stars  Browning, Matthew K.
    6 September 2013Simulations of protostellar collapse using multigroup radiation hydrodynamics. II. The second collapse  Vaytet, N; Chabrier, G; Audit, E; et al.
    23 May 2018Simulations of the flocculent spiral M33: what drives the spiral structure?  Dobbs, CL; Pettitt, AR; Corbelli, E; et al.
    5 October 2018Simultaneous spectral energy distribution and near-infrared interferometry modeling of HD 142666  Davies, CL; Kraus, S; Harries, TJ; et al.
    2007Simultaneous ultrafast probing of intramolecular vibrations and photoinduced charge carriers in rubrene using broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy  Koeberg, Mattijs; Hendry, Euan; Schins, Juleon M.; et al.
    24 July 2019Single cell imaging of nuclear architecture changes  Brandstrup Morrish, R; Hermes, M; Metz, J; et al.
    1 March 2014Single-mode and multimode Fabry-Pérot interference in suspended graphene  Oksanen, Mika; Uppstu, Andreas; Laitinen, Antti; et al.
    2 January 2019Single-pixel imaging with Fourier filtering: Application to vision through scattering media  Jauregui-Sánchez, Y; Clemente, P; Lancis, J; et al.
    23 July 2018Sink particle radiative feedback in smoothed particle hydrodynamics models of star formation  Jones, MO; Bate, MR
    2007Slow waves caused by cuts perpendicular to a single subwavelength slit in metal  Suckling, James R.; Sambles, J. Roy
    2009Small angle x-ray and neutron scattering study of disordered and three dimensional-ordered magnetic protein arrays  Kasyutich, O.; Tatchev, D.; Hoell, A.; et al.
    2010Small surface pretilt strikingly affects the director profile during Poiseuille flow of a nematic liquid crystal.  Holmes, Christopher J.; Cornford, Stephen Leslie; Sambles, J. Roy
    2010Smooth electron waveguides in graphene  Hartmann, Richard R.; Robinson, N.J.; Portnoi, M.E.