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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2012Electromagnetic response of closely spaced metal meshes  Taylor, Melita C.; Hibbins, Alastair P.; Sambles, J. Roy
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    6 March 2020Electron-Electron Dipolar Interaction Poses a Challenge to Radical Pair Mechanism of Magnetoreception  Babcock, NS; Kattnig, DR
    2006Electron-phonon scattering at the intersection of two Landau levels  Golovach, V.N.; Portnoi, M.E.
    29 June 2017Electron-phonon superconductivity in the filled skutterudites LaRu4P12, LaRu4As12, and LaPt4Ge12  Tutuncu, HM; Karaca, E; Srivastava, GP
    8 August 2016Electron-phonon superconductivity in the ternary phosphides BaM2 P2 (M=Ni,Rh,and Ir)  Karaca, E; Tütüncü, HM; Srivastava, GP; et al.
    2009Electron-vibron coupling in suspended carbon nanotube quantum dots  Mariani, Eros; von Oppen, Felix
    1 September 2011Electronic transport properties of few-layer graphene materials  Russo, Saverio; Craciun, Monica F.; Khodkov, Tymofiy; et al.
    4 July 2017Electron–phonon interaction and superconductivity in the borocarbide superconductor  Tütüncü, HM; Karaca, E; Srivastava, GP
    19 October 2016Electron–phonon interaction and superconductivity in the La3 Ni2 B2 N3  Tütüncü, HM; Karaca, E; Srivastava, GP
    5 April 2020Element- and Time-Resolved Measurements of Spin Dynamics Using X-ray Detected Ferromagnetic Resonance  Klewe, C; Li, Q; Yang, M; et al.
    9 March 2017Elemental vs. phase composition of breast calcifications.  Scott, R; Kendall, C; Stone, N; et al.
    21 February 2017Emergent propagation modes of ferromagnetic swimmers in constrained geometries  Bryan, MT; Shelley, SR; Parish, MJ; et al.
    30 January 2019Emission of coherent spin waves from a magnetic layer excited by a uniform microwave magnetic field  Poimanov, VD; Kuchko, AN; Kruglyak, VV
    2006Emission of light through thin silver films via near-field coupling to surface plasmon polaritons  Winter, G.; Barnes, William L.
    11 March 2007Empirical isochrones and relative ages for young stars, and the radiative-convective gap  Mayne, N.J.; Naylor, Tim; Littlefair, SP; et al.
    19 May 2020Energetic footprints of irreversibility in the quantum regime  Mohammady, MH; Auffèves, A; Anders, J
    31 October 2019Energy dispersive spectroscopic measurement of charge traps in MoTe2  Townsend, N; Amit, I; Paschal, V; et al.
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    7 June 2018Energy-efficient quantum frequency estimation  Liuzzo-Scorpo, P; Correa, LA; Pollock, FA; et al.