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  • Young Stellar Objects in the Gould Belt 

    Dunham, MM; Allen, LE; Evans, NJ; Broekhoven-Fiene, H; Cieza, LA; Di Francesco, J; Gutermuth, Robert A.; Harvey, P.M.; Hatchell, Jennifer; Heiderman, A; Huard, TL; Johnstone, D; Kirk, JM; Matthews, BC; Miller, JF; Peterson, DE; Young, KE (American Astronomical Society, 2015-09-01)
    We present the full catalog of Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) identified in the 18 molecular clouds surveyed by the Spitzer Space Telescope “cores to disks” (c2d) and “Gould Belt” (GB) Legacy surveys. Using standard techniques ...
  • Zero-energy states in graphene quantum dots and rings 

    Downing, C.A.; Stone, D.A.; Portnoi, M.E. (2011)
    We present exact analytical zero-energy solutions for a class of smooth-decaying potentials, showing that the full confinement of charge carriers in electrostatic potentials in graphene quantum dots and rings is indeed ...