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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 August 2018Hall effect-driven formation of gravitationally unstable discs in magnetized molecular cloud cores (article)  Wurster, J; Bate, MR; Price, DJ
    16 August 2018Hall effect-driven formation of gravitationally unstable discs in magnetized molecular cloud cores (dataset)  Wurster, James; Bate, Matthew; Price, Daniel J
    2016HARPS3 for a roboticized Isaac Newton telescope  Thompson, SJ; Queloz, D; Baraffe, I; et al.
    12 May 2017HAT-P-26b: A Neptune-mass exoplanet with a well-constrained heavy element abundance  Wakeford, HR; Sing, DK; Kataria, T; et al.
    2011Hawking radiation and the boomerang behaviour of massive modes near a horizon  Jannes, Gil; Maissa, Philippe; Philbin, Thomas G.; et al.
    2012Hawking tunneling and boomerang behaviour of massive particles with E < m  Jannes, Gil; Philbin, Thomas G.; Rousseaux, Germain
    13 July 2009Head & neck optical diagnostics: vision of the future of surgery.  Upile, T; Jerjes, W; Sterenborg, HJCM; et al.
    2013Heavily loaded ferrite-polymer composites to produce high refractive index materials at centimetre wavelengths  Parke, L.; Hooper, Ian R.; Hicken, R.J.; et al.
    24 December 2015Helicity inversion in spherical convection as a means for equatorward dynamo wave propagation  Duarte, LDV; Wicht, J; Browning, MK; et al.
    2 May 2018Helium in the eroding atmosphere of an exoplanet  Spake, JJ; Sing, DK; Evans, TM; et al.
    7 October 2013HH 222: A Giant Herbig-Haro Flow from the Quadruple System V380 Ori  Reipurth, B; Bally, J; Aspin, C; et al.
    9 July 2018Hi-5: a potential high-contrast thermal near-infrared imager for the VLTI  Defrère, D; Ireland, M; Absil, O; et al.
    21 March 2018Hidden correlation between absorption peaks in achiral carbon nanotubes and nanoribbons  Saroka, VA; Pushkarchuk, AL; Kuten, SA; et al.
    5 October 2017High cadence, high resolution spectroscopic observations of Herbig stars HD 98922 and V1295 Aquila  Aarnio, AN; Monnier, JD; Harries, TJ; et al.
    2016High Efficiency CVD Graphene-lead (Pb) Cooper Pair Splitter  Borzenets, IV; Shimazaki, Y; Jones, GF; et al.
    10 November 2014High energy product in Battenberg structured magnets  Bance, S; Oezelt, H; Schrefl, T; et al.
    21 June 2017High sensitivity non-invasive detection of calcifications deep inside biological tissue using Transmission Raman Spectroscopy.  Ghita, A; Matousek, P; Stone, N
    2006High-frequency dielectric relaxation of liquid crystals: THz time-domain spectroscopy of liquid crystal colloids  Oh-e, Masahito; Yokoyama, Hiroshi; Koeberg, Mattijs; et al.
    2 November 2017High-Mobility and High-Optical Quality Atomically Thin WS2  Reale, F; Palczynski, P; Amit, I; et al.
    30 January 2019High-order Magnetohydrodynamics for Astrophysics with an Adaptive Mesh Refinement Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme  Guillet, TA; Pakmor, R; Springel, V; et al.