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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 July 2015Radial velocity eclipse mapping of exoplanets  Nikolov, Nikolay; Sainsbury-Martinez, Felix
    2011Radiation damping in atomic photonic crystals  Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C.
    2013Radiation damping optical enhancement in cold atoms  Wu, Jin-Hui; Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; et al.
    28 January 2014Radiation hydrodynamics simulations of massive star formation using Monte Carlo radiation transfer  Harries, TJ; Haworth, TJ; Acreman, D
    2012Radiation pressure in stratified moving media  Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C.
    2012Radiation pressure on a moving body: Beyond the Doppler effect  Horsley, S.A.R.; Artoni, M.; La Rocca, G.C.
    10 March 2015Radiation-hydrodynamical simulations of massive star formation using Monte Carlo radiative transfer - I. Algorithms and numerical methods  Harries, Tim J.
    16 June 2017Radiation-hydrodynamical simulations of massive star formation using Monte Carlo radiative transfer II. The formation of a 25 solar-mass star  Harries, TJ; Douglas, T; Ali, A
    9 October 2017Radiative frequency shifts in nanoplasmonic dimers  Downing, CA; Mariani, E; Weick, G
    26 October 2017Radical-Pair-Based Magnetoreception Amplified by Radical Scavenging: Resilience to Spin Relaxation  Kattnig, DR
    3 November 2016Raman spectroscopy and multivariate analysis for the non invasive diagnosis of clinically inconclusive vulval lichen sclerosus.  Frost, J; Ludeman, L; Hillaby, K; et al.
    20 September 2018Raman spectroscopy as a tool for characterisation of liquid phase devices  Hogan, B; Perova, T; Dyakov, S; et al.
    2015Raman spectroscopy for medical diagnostics - From in-vitro biofluid assays to in-vivo cancer detection  Kong, K; Kendall, C; Stone, N; et al.
    8 October 2019Raman spectroscopy for rapid intra-operative margin analysis of surgically excised tumour specimens.  Hubbard, TJE; Shore, A; Stone, N
    18 April 2006Raman spectroscopy: elucidation of biochemical changes in carcinogenesis of oesophagus.  Shetty, G; Kendall, C; Shepherd, N; et al.
    12 January 2021Random access parallel microscopy  Ashraf, M; Sharika, M; Sim, BR; et al.
    11 July 2016Rapid circumstellar disk evolution and an accelerating star formation rate in the Infrared Dark Cloud M17 SWex  Povich, Matthew S.; Townsley, Leisa K.; Robitaille, Thomas P.; et al.
    2005Rapid switching in a dual-frequency hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal cell  Jewell, Sharon A.; Taphouse, T. S.; Sambles, J. Roy
    2009Rate and nature of false positives in the CoRoT exoplanet search  Almenara, J.-M.; Deeg, H. J.; Aigrain, Suzanne; et al.
    2008Rayleigh scattering by H2 in the extrasolar planet HD 209458b  Lecavelier des Etangs, A.; Vidal-Madjar, A.; Desert, J.-M.; et al.