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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2019A compact gaseous accretion disk in Keplerian rotation around MWC147  Hone, E; Kraus, S; Davies, CL; et al.
    27 June 2019Dusty disk winds at the sublimation rim of the highly inclined, low mass YSO SU Aurigae  Labdon, A; Kraus, S; Davies, CL; et al.
    9 July 2018The MIRC-X 6-telescope imager: Key science drivers, instrument design and operation  Kraus, S; Monnier, JD; Anugu, N; et al.
    9 July 2018MIRC-X/CHARA: sensitivity improvements with an ultra-low noise SAPHIRA detector  Anugu, N; Bouquin, J-BL; Monnier, JD; et al.
    6 March 2018A multi-instrument and multi-wavelength high angular resolution study of MWC614: quantum heated particles inside the disk cavity  Kluska, J; Kraus, S; Davies, CL; et al.
    21 December 2018Probing the Inner Disk Emission of the Herbig Ae Stars HD 163296 and HD 190073  Setterholm, BR; Monnier, JD; Davies, CL; et al.
    6 December 2017Probing the origin of UX Ori-type variability in the YSO binary CO Ori with VLTI/GRAVITY  Davies, CL; Kreplin, A; Kluska, J; et al.
    5 October 2018Simultaneous spectral energy distribution and near-infrared interferometry modeling of HD 142666  Davies, CL; Kraus, S; Harries, TJ; et al.