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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 December 2019Calcification Microstructure Reflects Breast Tissue Microenvironment  Gosling, S; Scott, R; Greenwood, C; et al.
    20 March 2020Characterization of colorectal mucus using infrared spectroscopy: a potential target for bowel cancer screening and diagnosis  Nallala, J; Jeynes, C; Saunders, S; et al.
    18 April 2016Chemico mechanical imaging of Barrett's oesophagus  Palombo, F; Madami, M; Fioretto, D; et al.
    19 April 2016Chemico-mechanical imaging of Barrett’s oesophagus  Palombo, F; Madami, M; Fioretto, D; et al.
    4 December 2017Detection of Aβ plaque-associated astrogliosis in Alzheimer’s disease brain by spectroscopic imaging and immunohistochemistry  Palombo, F; Tamagnini, F; Jeynes, J; et al.
    30 August 2016Enhanced spectral histology in the colon using high-magnification benchtop FTIR imaging  Nallala, J; Rhys Lloyd, G; Hermes, M; et al.
    2 November 2015High-resolution FTIR imaging of colon tissues for elucidation of individual cellular and histopathological features.  Nallala, J; Lloyd, GR; Shepherd, N; et al.
    28 April 2022Infrared Spectroscopic Analysis in the Differentiation of Epithelial Misplacement From Adenocarcinoma in Sigmoid Colonic Adenomatous Polyps  Nallala, J; Griggs, R; Lloyd, GR; et al.
    21 March 2022A multi-modal exploration of heterogeneous physico-chemical properties of DCIS breast microcalcifications  Gosling, S; Calabrese, D; Nallala, J; et al.
    12 May 2017Multimodal registration of optical microscopic and infrared spectroscopic images from different tissue sections: An application to colon cancer  Peñaranda, F; Naranjo, V; Verdú-Monedero, R; et al.