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  • On the mechanism of charge transport in pentacene 

    van Laarhoven, Hendrik A.; Flipse, Cees F. J.; Koeberg, Mattijs; Bonn, Mischa; Hendry, Euan; Orlandi, G.; Jurchescu, O. D.; Palstra, T. T. M.; Troisi, A. (American Institute of Physics, 2008)
    Terahertz transient conductivity measurements are performed on pentacene single crystals, which directly demonstrate a strong coupling of charge carriers to low frequency molecular motions with energies centered around 1.1 ...
  • Simultaneous ultrafast probing of intramolecular vibrations and photoinduced charge carriers in rubrene using broadband time-domain THz spectroscopy 

    Koeberg, Mattijs; Hendry, Euan; Schins, Juleon M.; van Laarhoven, Hendrik A.; Flipse, Cees F. J.; Reimann, Klaus; Woerner, Michael; Elsaesser, Thomas; Bonn, Mischa (American Physical Society, 2007)
    We determine the ultrafast frequency- and time-resolved complex dielectric responses of photoexcited, single-crystal rubrene in the frequency range of 10–30 THz (330–1000 cm−1) using ultrafast broadband THz spectroscopy. ...