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  • Electromagnetic resonances of a multilayer metal-dielectric stack 

    Gadsdon, Martyn Richard; Parsons, J.; Sambles, J. Roy (Optical Society of America, 2009)
    The electromagnetic resonances of multilayer metal–dielectric stacks are investigated. These structures support periodic bandpass regions, whose band edges may be predicted by considering the character of the fields inside ...
  • Localized surface-plasmon resonances in periodic nondiffracting metallic nanoparticle and nanohole arrays 

    Parsons, J.; Hendry, Euan; Burrows, Christopher P.; Auguié, Baptiste; Sambles, J. Roy; Barnes, William L. (American Physical Society, 2009)
    We compare the optical response of periodic nondiffracting metallic nanoparticle and nanohole arrays. Experimental data from both structures show a pronounced minimum in their wavelength-dependent transmittance that, through ...