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  • Critical current scaling in long diffusive graphene-based Josephson junctions 

    Ke, Chung-Ting; Borzenets, IV; Draelos, Anne W.; Amet, Francois; Bomze, Yuriy; Jones, Gareth; Craciun, Monica F.; Russo, Saverio; Yamamoto, Michihisa; Tarucha, Seigo; Finkelstein, Gleb (American Chemical Society, 2016-07-07)
    We present transport measurements on long, diffusive, graphene-based Josephson junctions. Several junctions are made on a single-domain crystal of CVD graphene and feature the same contact width of ∼9 μm but vary in length ...
  • Electronic transport properties of few-layer graphene materials 

    Russo, Saverio; Craciun, Monica F.; Khodkov, Tymofiy; Koshino, M.; Yamamoto, Michihisa; Tarucha, Seigo (InTech, 2011-09)
    Since the discovery of graphene -a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice - it was clear that this truly is a unique material system with an unprecedented combination of physical properties. Graphene ...