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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 July 2014The 2014 interferometric imaging beauty contest  Monnier, JD; Berger, J-P; Le Bouquin, J-B; et al.
    4 August 2016Architecture design study and technology roadmap for the Planet Formation Imager (PFI)  Monnier, JD; Ireland, MJ; Kraus, S; et al.
    1 January 2016HARPS3 for a roboticized Isaac Newton telescope  Thompson, SJ; Queloz, D; Baraffe, I; et al.
    4 July 2018The Planet Formation Imager  Monnier, JD; Kraus, S; Ireland, MJ; et al.
    4 August 2016Status of the Planet Formation Imager (PFI) concept  Ireland, MJ; Monnier, JD; Kraus, S; et al.