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  • The 2014 interferometric imaging beauty contest 

    Monnier, JD; Berger, J-P; Le Bouquin, J-B; Tuthill, PG; Wittkowski, M; Grellmann, R; Müller, A; Renganswany, S; Hummel, C; Hofmann, K-H; Schertl, D; Weigelt, G; Young, J; Buscher, D; Sanchez-Bermudez, J; Alberdi, A; Schoedel, R; Köhler, R; Soulez, F; Thiébaut, É; Kluska, J; Malbet, F; Duvert, G; Kraus, S; Kloppenborg, BK; Baron, F; de Wit, W-J; Rivinius, T; Merand, A (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) -, 2014-07-24)
    Here we present the results of the 6th biennial optical interferometry imaging beauty contest. Taking advantage of a unique opportunity, the red supergiant VY CMa and the Mira variable R Car were observed in the astronomical ...
  • Architecture design study and technology roadmap for the Planet Formation Imager (PFI) 

    Monnier, JD; Ireland, MJ; Kraus, S; Baron, F; Creech-Eakman, M; Dong, R; Isella, A; Merand, A; Michael, E; Minardi, S; Mozurkewich, D; Petrov, R; Rinehard, S; ten Brummelaar, T; Vasisht, G; Wishnow, E; Young, J; Zhu, Z (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2016-08-04)
    The Planet Formation Imager (PFI) Project has formed a Technical Working Group (TWG) to explore possible facility architectures to meet the primary PFI science goal of imaging planet formation in situ in nearby starforming ...
  • HARPS3 for a roboticized Isaac Newton telescope 

    Thompson, SJ; Queloz, D; Baraffe, I; Brake, M; Dolgopolov, A; Fisher, M; Fleury, M; Geelhoed, J; Hall, R; Hernandez, JIG; Horst, RT; Kragt, J; Navarro, R; Naylor, T; Pepe, F; Piskunov, N; Rebolo, R; Sander, L; Segransan, D; Seneta, E; Sing, D; Snellen, I; Snik, F; Spronck, J; Stempels, E; Sun, X; Tschudi, SS; Young, J (Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 2016)
    We present a description of a new instrument development, HARPS3, planned to be installed on an upgraded and roboticized Isaac Newton Telescope by end-2018. HARPS3 will be a high resolution (R = 115,000) echelle spectrograph ...