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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    9 December 2014Ways to go: Men's and women's support for aggressive and non-aggressive confrontation of sexism as a function of gender identification  Becker, J; Barreto, M
    21 June 2018Weak effects of common genetic variation in oxytocin and vasopressin receptor genes on rhesus macaque social behavior  Madlon-Kay, S; Montague, MJ; Brent, LJN; et al.
    31 May 2017Weather, Day Length and Physical Activity in Older Adults: Cross-Sectional Results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) Norfolk Cohort  Wu, Y-T; Luben, R; Wareham, N; et al.
    28 May 2019Weight stigma and physical health: an unconsidered ‘obesity’ cost  Meadows, A
    3 July 2020Welfare Assessment for Captive Anseriformes: A Guide for Practitioners and Animal Keepers  Rose, P; O’Brien, M
    9 November 2017Well-being, problematic alcohol consumption and acute subjective drug effects in past-year ayahuasca users: a large, international, self-selecting online survey  Lawn, W; Hallak, JE; Crippa, JA; et al.
    13 November 2019What are people’s experiences of orthorexia nervosa? A qualitative study of online blogs  Greville-Harris, M; Smithson, J; Karl, A
    26 September 2018What are subjective cognitive difficulties and do they matter?  Opdebeeck, C; Yates, JA; Kudlicka, AK; et al.
    30 July 2018What can Associative Learning do for Driving?  Nicholson, W; Verbruggen, F; McLaren, IPL
    11 June 2014What contributes to a good quality of life in early dementia? Awareness and the QoL-AD: a cross-sectional study.  Woods, RT; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; et al.
    1 May 2011What do fully-visible primes and brain potentials reveal about morphological decomposition?  Lavric, Aureliu; Rastle, K; Clapp, A
    5 August 2021What does feeling younger or older than one’s chronological age mean to men and women? Qualitative and quantitative findings from the PROTECT study  Sabatini, S; Ukoumunne, OC; Ballard, C; et al.
    21 February 2021What emotional‐centred challenges do children attending special schools face over primary–secondary school transition?  Bagnall, CL; Fox, CL; Skipper, Y
    28 October 2019What factors indicate prognosis for adults with depression in primary care? A protocol for meta-analyses of individual patient data using the dep-gp database [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]  Buckman, JEJ; Saunders, R; Cohen, ZD; et al.
    19 July 2016What hostile and benevolent sexism communicate about women’s warmth and competence.  Barreto, M; Ramos, M; Ellemers, N; et al.
    19 July 2016What hostile and benevolent sexism communicate about women’s warmth and competence.  Barreto, M; Ramos, M; Ellemers, N; et al.
    8 June 2020What influences aggression and foraging activity in social birds? Measuring individual, group and environmental characteristics  Rose, P; Soole, L
    10 September 2016What is a True Gamer? The Male Gamer Stereotype and the Marginalization of Women in Video Game Culture  Paaßen, B; Morgenroth, T; Stratemeyer, M
    22 February 2017What is trained during food go/no-go training? A review focusing on mechanisms and a research agenda  Veling, H; Lawrence, NS; Chen, Z; et al.
    1 February 2007What makes self-help interventions effective in the management of depressive symptoms? Meta-analysis and meta-regression.  Gellatly, Judith; Bower, Peter; Hennessy, Sue; et al.