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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2016Current directions in animal social networks  Croft, DP; Darden, S; Wey, T
    20 November 2019Divergence in social traits in Trinidadian guppies selectively bred for high and low leadership in a cooperative context  Dimitriadou, S; Croft, D; Darden, S
    4 June 2018Dynamic eye colour as an honest signal of aggression  Heathcote, R; Darden, S; Troscianko, J; et al.
    25 March 2017Early social experience shapes female mate choice in guppies  Alessandro, M; Croft, DP; Endler, J; et al.
    2 January 2019Evolution of non-kin cooperation: social assortment by cooperative phenotype in guppies  Brask, JB; Croft, D; Edenbrow, M; et al.
    18 January 2019Male phenotypic diversity experienced during ontogeny mediates female mate choice in guppies  Macario, A; Croft, DP; Darden, S