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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 August 2009Behavioural trait assortment in a social network: Patterns and implications  Croft, Darren P; Krause, Jens; Darden, SK; et al.
    31 March 2017The evolution of cooperation: Interacting phenotypes among social partners  Edenbrow, M; Bleakley, BH; Darden, SK; et al.
    2017Fear of predation drives stable and differentiated social relationships in guppies  Heathcote, RJP; Darden, SK; Franks, DW; et al.
    29 July 2015Male sexually coercive behaviour drives increased swimming efficiency in female guppies  Killen, SS; Croft, Darren P; Karine, S; et al.
    2020A matador-like predator diversion strategy driven by conspicuous colouration in guppies  Heathcote, RJP; Troscianko, J; Darden, SK; et al.
    22 May 2009Predation risk as a driving force for phenotypic assortment: a cross-population comparison  Croft, Darren P; Darden, SK; Ruxton, Graeme D.
    22 July 2009Social implications of the battle of the sexes: sexual harassment disrupts female sociality and social recognition  Darden, SK; James, R; Ramnarine, IW; et al.
    5 April 2019Territorial defense in a network: Audiences only matter to male fiddler crabs primed for confrontation  Darden, SK; May, MK; Boyland, NK; et al.