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  • Revisiting the measurement of anomie 

    Teymoori, A; Jetten, J; Bastian, B; Ariyanto, A; Autin, F; Ayub, N; Badea, C; Besta, T; Butera, F; Costa-Lopes, R; Cui, L; Fantini, C; Finchilescu, G; Gaertner, L; Gollwitzer, M; Gómez, A; González, R; Hong, YY; Jensen, DH; Karasawa, M; Kessler, T; Klein, O; Lima, M; Mähönen, TA; Megevand, L; Morton, TA; Paladino, P; Polya, T; Ruza, A; Shahrazad, W; Sharma, S; Torres, AR; van der Bles, AM; Wohl, M (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2016-07-06)
    Sociologists coined the term “anomie” to describe societies that are characterized by disintegration and deregulation. Extending beyond conceptualizations of anomie that conflate the measurements of anomie as ‘a state of ...