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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 August 2015Movement specific reinvestment and allocation of attention by older adults during walking  Uiga, L; Capio, CM; Wong, TWL; et al.
    2 February 2018Movement Strategies for Countermovement Jumping are Potentially Influenced by Elastic Energy Stored and Released from Tendons  Wade, L; Lichtwark, G; Farris, DJ
    19 June 2018Multidimensional joint coupling: a case study visualisation approach to movement coordination and variability  Irwin, G; Kerwin, DG; Williams, G; et al.
    21 August 2015Multidisciplinary Views on Applying Explicit and Implicit Motor Learning in Practice: An International Survey.  Kleynen, M; Braun, SM; Rasquin, SM; et al.
    1 March 2017Muscle metabolic and neuromuscular determinants of fatigue during cycling in different exercise intensity domains.  Black, MI; Jones, AM; Blackwell, JR; et al.
    4 May 2015Muscle metabolism changes with age and maturation: How do they relate to youth sport performance?  Armstrong, N; Barker, AR; McManus, AM
    4 December 2018Muscle strength deficiency and mitochondrial dysfunction in a muscular dystrophy model of Caenorhabditis elegans and its functional response to drugs  Hewitt, JE; Pollard, AK; Lesanpezeshki, L; et al.
    12 November 2014Musculoskeletal modelling deconstructs the paradoxical effects of elastic ankle exoskeletons on plantar-flexor mechanics and energetics during hopping  Farris, DJ; Hicks, JL; Delp, SL; et al.
    16 December 2019Mycoprotein as a possible alternative source of dietary protein to support muscle and metabolic health  Coelho, M; Monteyne, A; Dunlop, M; et al.
    11 October 2017Mycoprotein represents a bioavailable and insulinotropic non-animal-derived dietary protein source: a dose-response study  Dunlop, MV; Kilroe, SP; Bowtell, JL; et al.
    4 April 2019Mycoprotein: The Future of Nutritious Nonmeat Protein, a Symposium Review.  Finnigan, TJA; Wall, BT; Wilde, PJ; et al.
    13 March 2019MyoCount: a software tool for the automated quantification of myotube surface area and nuclear fusion index  Murphy, DP; Nicholson, T; Jones, SW; et al.