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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    15 July 2013Corrigendum: Linking the mechanics and energetics of hopping with elastic ankle exoskeletons  Farris, DJ; Sawicki, GS
    25 June 2015Deconstructing the power resistance relationship for squats: A joint-level analysis  Farris, DJ; Lichtwark, GA; Brown, NAT; et al.
    30 January 2013Differential strain patterns of the human Achilles tendon determined in vivo with freehand three-dimensional ultrasound imaging  Farris, DJ; Trewartha, G; McGuigan, MP; et al.
    16 February 2016The effect of cadence on the muscle-tendon mechanics of the gastrocnemius muscle during walking  Brennan, SF; Cresswell, AG; Farris, DJ; et al.
    16 April 2018The effect of muscle-tendon unit vs. fascicle analyses on vastus lateralis force-generating capacity during constant power output cycling with variable cadence  Farris, DJ; Brennan, S; Lichtwark, G; et al.
    1 September 2013Elastic ankle exoskeletons reduce soleus muscle force but not work in human hopping  Farris, DJ; Robertson, BD; Sawicki, GS
    27 September 2017Elastic ankle muscle-tendon interactions are adjusted to produce acceleration during walking in humans  Farris, DJ; Raiteri, BJ
    10 February 2016Emulating constant acceleration locomotion mechanics on a treadmill  Farris, DJ
    12 July 2018The energetic behaviour of the human foot across a range of running speeds  Kelly, LA; Cresswell, AG; Farris, DJ
    7 January 2019The functional importance of human foot muscles for bipedal locomotion (dataset)  Farris, DJ; Kelly, L; Cresswell, A; et al.
    25 September 2017In vivo fascicle length measurements via B-mode ultrasound imaging with single vs dual transducer arrangements  Brennan, SF; Cresswell, AG; Farris, DJ; et al.
    7 February 2015Individual limb mechanical analysis of gait following stroke  Mahon, CE; Farris, DJ; Sawicki, GS; et al.
    1 January 2018The Influence of Foot-Strike Technique on the Neuromechanical Function of the Foot  Kelly, LA; Farris, DJ; Lichtwark, GA; et al.
    15 December 2012Linking the mechanics and energetics of hopping with elastic ankle exoskeletons  Farris, DJ; Sawicki, GS
    13 September 2018Microendoscopy reveals positive correlation in multiscale length changes and variable sarcomere lengths across different regions of human muscle  Lichtwark, G; Farris, DJ; Chen, X; et al.
    8 March 2017Modulation of leg joint function to produce emulated acceleration during walking and running in humans  Farris, DJ; Raiteri, BJ
    2 February 2018Movement Strategies for Countermovement Jumping are Potentially Influenced by Elastic Energy Stored and Released from Tendons  Wade, L; Lichtwark, G; Farris, DJ
    12 November 2014Musculoskeletal modelling deconstructs the paradoxical effects of elastic ankle exoskeletons on plantar-flexor mechanics and energetics during hopping  Farris, DJ; Hicks, JL; Delp, SL; et al.
    27 February 2015Revisiting the mechanics and energetics of walking in individuals with chronic hemiparesis following stroke: from individual limbs to lower limb joints  Farris, DJ; Hampton, A; Lewek, MD; et al.
    17 February 2016The role of human ankle plantar flexor muscle-tendon interaction and architecture in maximal vertical jumping examined in vivo  Farris, DJ; Lichtwark, GA; Brown, NAT; et al.