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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 April 2020Bone accrual over 18 months of participation in different loading sports during adolescence  Agostinete, RR; Vlachopoulos, D; Werneck, AO; et al.
    27 July 2020Categorizing ten sports according to bone and soft tissue profiles in adolescents  Agostinete, RR; Fernandes, RA; Narciso, PH; et al.
    15 March 2021The Mediating Role of Lean Soft Tissue in the Relationship between Somatic Maturation and Bone Density in Adolescent Practitioners and Non-Practitioners of Sports  Agostinete, RR; Werneck, AO; Maillane-Vanegas, S; et al.