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  • Capturing contracts: informal activity among contract researchers 

    Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John (Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 1998-12)
    Contract researchers constitute an expanding occupational group in UK higher education and contribute significantly to national research output. Despite recent concern and debates over their marginal status and inferior ...
  • Grasping the Phenomenology of Sporting Bodies 

    Hockey, John; Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (SAGE, 2007-06)
    The last two decades have witnessed a vast expansion in research and writing on the sociology of the body and on issues of embodiment. Indeed, both sociology in general and the sociology of sport specifically have well ...
  • Identity change: doctoral students in art and design 

    Hockey, John; Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn (SAGE Publications, 2005-02)
    For over a decade, practice-based research degrees in art and design have formed part of the United Kingdom research degree education portfolio, with a relatively rapid expansion in recent years. This route to the PhD still ...
  • Runners’ tales: Autoethnography, injury and narrative 

    Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John (SAGE Publications, 2001)
    This paper examines the importance of narrative activity in the construction of the injured and rehabilitated sporting body and the successful reconstruction of positive athletic identity. It is based on autoethnographic ...
  • 'Working Out' Identity: Distance Runners and the Management of Disrupted Identity 

    Allen-Collinson, Jacquelyn; Hockey, John (Routledge, 2007)
    This article contributes fresh perspectives to the empirical literature on the sociology of the body, and of leisure and identity, by analysing the impact of long-term injury on the identities of two amateur but serious ...