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  • The Copenhagen Consensus Conference 2016: children, youth, and physical activity in schools and during leisure time. 

    Bangsbo, J; Krustrup, P; Duda, J; Hillman, C; Andersen, LB; Weiss, M; Williams, CA; Lintunen, T; Green, K; Hansen, PR; Naylor, PJ; Ericsson, I; Nielsen, G; Froberg, K; Bugge, A; Lundbye-Jensen, J; Schipperijn, J; Dagkas, S; Agergaard, S; von Seelen, J; Østergaard, C; Skovgaard, T; Busch, H; Elbe, AM (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016-06-27)
    From 4 to 7 April 2016, 24 researchers from 8 countries and from a variety of academic disciplines gathered in Snekkersten, Denmark, to reach evidence-based consensus about physical activity in children and youth, that is, ...
  • The mechanistic bases of the power-time relationship: muscle metabolic responses and relationships to muscle fibre type 

    Vanhatalo, A; Black, MI; DiMenna, FJ; Blackwell, JR; Schmidt, JF; Thompson, C; Wylie, LJ; Mohr, M; Bangsbo, J; Krustrup, P; Jones, AM (Wiley, 2016-03-04)
    We hypothesised that: 1) the critical power (CP) will represent a boundary separating steady state from non-steady state muscle metabolic responses during whole-body exercise and 2) that the CP and the W′ (curvature constant ...
  • Recreational soccer is an effective health-promoting activity for untrained men 

    Krustrup, P; Nielsen, JJ; Krustrup, BR; Christensen, JF; Pedersen, H; Randers, MB; Aagaard, P; Petersen, AM; Nybo, L; Bangsbo, J (B M J PUBLISHING GROUP, 2009-10)
    To examine the effects of regular participation in recreational soccer on health profile, 36 healthy untrained Danish men aged 20-43 years were randomised into a soccer group (SO; n=13), a running group (RU; n=12) and a ...