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  • Ballot photographs as cues in low-information elections 

    Banducci, Susan A.; Karp, Jeffrey A.; Thrasher, Michael; Rallings, Colin (Wiley-Blackwell, 2008-12)
    In low-information elections, voters are often faced with the task of choosing from a list of unknown candidates. By examining a set of low-information elections where candidate photographs were displayed on the ballot, ...
  • Getting out the vote: party mobilization in a comparative perspective 

    Karp, Jeffrey A.; Banducci, Susan A.; Bowler, Shaun (Cambridge University Press, 2008-01)
    A long tradition within political science examines the impact of party canvassing on voter participation. Very little of this work, however, is comparative in scope. This essay examines how system-level characteristics ...
  • Political efficacy and participation in twenty-seven democracies: how electoral systems shape political behaviour 

    Karp, Jeffrey A.; Banducci, Susan A. (Cambridge University Press, 2008-04)
    Advocates of proportional representation (PR) often cite its potential for increasing citizen involvement in politics as one of PR's fundamental advantages over plurality or first-past-the-post systems. The assumption is ...