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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 April 2021Adaptation and Walking: Shakespearean Performance in Manila in the First Three Years of Rodrigo Duterte's Presidency (2016-2018)  Garcia, G
    4 May 2011Adaptation in a Post-Digital Age  Gaunt, Joshua Tristan Jamison
    1 February 2012Adaptation of Thai Traditional Plays in a Contemporary Context  Diteeyont, Sawita
    3 June 2013Adapting Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Interventions for Anxiety or Depression to Meet the Needs of People with Long-term Physical Health Conditions: A Mixed-Methods Study  Hadert, Aimee
    23 November 2020Adapting to climate change- the impact of changing daylight regimes on range shifting insect populations  Kehoe, R
    9 July 2012Adapting to Deficiency: Addiction and the Therapeutic Power of Occupation  Wasmuth, Sara
    12 April 2021Adaptive Governance for Energy System Decentralisation: A case study of the National Electricity Market in Eastern Australia  Poulter, H
    16 September 2013Adaptive Water Distribution System Design under Future Uncertainty  Basupi, Innocent
    28 May 2010Addressing the need for school based support for Bereavement and Loss: Perceptions, Experiences and Intervention  Thomas, Wendy Anne
    23 May 2012Addressing the needs of young people identified to be experiencing behavioural, emotional and social difficulties: A study of ‘in-city’ support and multi-agency working  Wilkinson, Jodie
    24 December 2013Adjustment of International Students in a UK University: Reasons for Study Abroad and Subsequent Academic and Socio-cultural Experiences  Chien, Yu-Yi
    17 September 2010Admiral Peter Rainier and the Command of the East Indies Station 1794-1805  Ward, Peter
    14 January 2019Adolescents’ Perceptual and Physiological Responses to High-Intensity Interval Exercise  Abdul Malik, A
    23 April 2019Adopting a gene regulatory network approach to investigate toxicity through the adaptive stress response in teleost fish species.  Foreman, A.L.
    6 May 2014Adoption of Social Media by SMTEs in China  Shang, Yunfeng
    16 September 2019Adoptive Parents’ Home-School Partnerships: An Exploration of the Partnership Experiences of Parents and School Staff with a Focus on Barriers, Facilitators and Developing Partnership Practices.  Lewis-Cole, A
    22 September 2008Advanced Modelling of Flooding in Urban Areas: Integrated 1D/1D and 1D/2D Models  Leandro, Jorge
    21 July 2016Advanced Raman Techniques for Real Time Cancer Diagnostics  Vardaki, Martha
    14 June 2021Advanced statistical post-processing of ensemble weather forecasts  Allen, S
    28 January 2015Advances in the Social Evolution and Ecology of Bacterial Public Goods  O'Brien, Siobhan Elizabeth