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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 January 2019Hernando de Baeza and the making of Catholic Spain  Tinsley, T
    1 April 2011Heroes and Heels: Investigating the Star Enactments of Charlton Heston  Limmer, Katherine Anne
    8 February 2021Heterogeneous Ant Colony Optimisation Methods and their Application to the Travelling Salesman and PCB Drilling Problems  B Tuani Ibrahim, AF
    25 April 2018Heuristic discovery and design of promoters for the fine-control of metabolism in industrially relevant microbes  Gilman, James
    27 July 2020Hezbollah: A Regional Armed Non-State Actor  Wahab, H
    26 September 2014Hier Spricht Berlin: Radio, Space and Voice in Divided Berlin, 1961–1989  Nicholson, Esme Joan
    24 March 2014Hierarchical Multi-Project Planning and Supply Chain Management: an Integrated Framework  Pakgohar, Alireza
    4 July 2012Hierarchy in Honeycombs  Taylor, Christopher Michael
    16 September 2010High Frequency and Large Dimension Volatility  Shi, Zhangbo
    27 February 2017High palaeolatitude record of Late Maastrichtian – Early Danian climate change, Seymour Island, Antarctica  Frost, Peter Alan
    1 September 2006High resilience wireless mesh networking characteristics and safety applications within underground mines  Kennedy, Gareth Allan
    25 July 2008High Speed Switching in Magnetic Recording Thin-Film Heads  Recio, Gustavo
    29 June 2012High target utilisation sputtering for the development of advanced materials for magnetic data storage applications  Tran, Denh
    16 May 2022High-throughput isolation and ecogenomics of phages infecting fastidious marine heterotrophic bacteria  Buchholz, H
    20 December 2011Historical Epistemology of the Concept of Virulence: Molecular, Ecological, and Evolutionary Perspectives on Emerging Infectious Diseases in the 19th and 20th Century  Methot, Pierre-Olivier
    26 January 2015History from Below: Writing a People's History of Palestine  Baroud, Ramzy Mohamed
    30 June 2017History in the hands of the Contemporary Playwright 2000-2015: a feminist critique of normative historiography in British theatre.  Fraser, Rebecca Amy
    25 May 2012Holding Hands: Evaluating Quantitative Outcomes and Parental Perceptions  Hamlin, Beth Lauren
    21 March 2022Holistic Modernism: Virginia Woolf and Neuropsychology  Jin, UC-L
    1 September 2008Holocaust Memory in Contemporary Narratives: Towards a Theory of Transgenerational Empathy  Ward, Lewis Henry