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    30 September 2019Making Sense of Ismaili Traditions: The Modes and Meanings of the Transmission of Ḥadīth in the Works of al-Qāḍī al-Nuʿmān (d. 363/974)  Rajani, K
    29 March 2018Making Sense of Negative Outcomes: The Role of Perceived Attributional Stability  Janbakhsh, Melika
    21 June 2021Making Sense of Relationship and Sexual Adjustment in Heterosexual Couples Living with Vulvodynia: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis  Boswell, LD
    7 May 2013Making Sense of Smell: Classifications and Model Thinking in Olfaction Theory  Barwich, Ann-Sophie
    31 January 2011Making sense of the English language policy in Thailand: An exploration of teachers' practices and dispositions  Fitzpatrick, Damian
    28 May 2019Making Space for Living: Mapping Sudanese Women’s Im/possible Inhabitations of Late Colonial Portsmouth  Sanders, C
    18 February 2014Making Talk Work: Exploring the Teaching of Collaborative Talk  Newman, Ruth Malka Charlotte
    20 January 2020Making the Grade: Generating & Controlling Spin Waves with a Graded Refractive Index  Whitehead, N
    28 May 2019Making transition, remaking workers. Market and privatisation reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the case of Energoinvest (1988-2008)  Calori, A
    17 July 2009Male-male social interactions in breeder and bachelor groups of gorillas (Gorilla gorilla): An indication of behavioural flexibility  Pullen, Penelope Kirsten
    30 November 2020Malevolent, Mad or Merely Human: Representations of the 'Psy' Professional in English, American and Irish Fiction  Hopson, J
    3 November 2009Management Education in England: The Urwick Report  Bryan, Yvette
    23 July 2014Managing Inclusive Provision for Pupils With Speech and Language Disorders in Greek Mainstream Primary Schools  Karakosta, Efstathia
    8 March 2016Managing Innovation Search and Select in Disrupting Environments  Russell, William Edward
    31 May 2011Managing marine turtles: A study of marine turtle conservation science and policy.  Richardson, PB
    2 December 2019Managing Men: Marriage and Masculinities in Ezra 9-10  Cook, E
    13 January 2012Managing Moderation: the AKP in Turkey and the PKS in Indonesia  Hidayat, Syahrul
    1 October 2012Manifestations of Cultural Change: Alsatian Identity between 1871 and the Interwar Period. Three Case Studies.  Triby, Isaure
    19 December 2016Manipulating light in two-dimensional layered materials  De Sanctis, Adolfo
    17 June 2015Manipulation of Microwave Surface Waves Supported on Metamaterials  Dockrey, Joseph Anthony