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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 October 2019Negotiating Identities in Contemporary American-Muslim Women's Writing  Djohar, HI
    29 September 2017Negotiating Intimacies: Gender, Rehabilitation and the Professionalisation of Massage in Britain, c.1880-1920.  Nias, Kayleigh
    28 August 2015Negotiating Shīʿī Identity and Orthodoxy through Canonizing Ideologies about Women in Twelver Shīʿī Aḥādīth on Pre-Islamic Sacred History in the Qurʾān  Inloes, Amina
    2 May 2008Negotiating the Divide: Practices in Transnational Dominican Performance  Hundley, James Douglas
    16 January 2017Negotiating the EU’s 2030 climate and energy framework: agendas, ideas and European interest groups  Fitch-Roy, Oscar William Frederick
    25 September 2012Negotiating the work-family nexus: Examining identity work in the lives of lone parents  Gibson, Rachel Shona
    20 April 2009Neither Pirates nor Politicos: The Emergence of Venture Capital in Weak Institutional Environments  Lingelbach, David Charles
    1 May 2015Nestedness and Modularity in Bipartite Networks  Beckett, Stephen J.
    29 November 2021Network analysis of human skeletal muscle adaptation under different loading states  Willis, C
    10 February 2020Network epidemiology of cattle and cattle farms in Great Britain  Fielding, H
    1 July 2008Networks and Religious Innovation in the Roman Empire  Collar, Anna
    13 October 2011Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1): Family Experiences and Healthcare Management of a Genetic Syndrome Characterised by a Highly Uncertain Phenotype  Carrieri, Daniele
    20 September 2017Neurophysiological characterisation of neurons in the rostral nucleus reuniens in health and disease.  Walsh, Darren
    28 May 2019Neuropsychological assessment in children and adolescent patients with anorexia nervosa: Exploration and identification of distinct neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses  Rose, M
    21 September 2017New insights into autoimmune mediated neonatal diabetes  Johnson, Matthew
    6 November 2015New Media and Revolution: Syria’s Silent Movement towards the 2011 Uprising  Brownlee, Billie Jeanne
    8 November 2021New methods for evaluating sea ice in climate models based on energy budgets  West, A
    12 August 2019New optical super-resolution imaging approaches involving DNA nanotechnology  Lutz, T
    30 September 2010New Practices of Giving: Ethics, Governmentality, and the Development of Consumer-Oriented Charity Fundraising  Rutt, Louise
    28 September 2009New School Geographies: Engaging young people?  Griffiths, Helen Gwyneth