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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 April 2021Pasts, Presents and Possible Futures in an Expanding Postgraduate Landscape: Gender, Remote Residency and Transitions to Postgraduate Education in Algeria.  Mennai, C
    4 May 2012Paternal Depression, Expressed Emotion and Child Emotional and Behavioural Problems  Butler, Lucy Marie
    15 March 2011Pathogenicity Determinants of Fusarium graminearum on Wheat Ears  Beacham, Andrew Mark
    26 April 2017Pathways to power in the southern Brazilian highlands: Households, communities and status at Southern Proto-Jê pit house settlements  De Souza, Jonas Gregorio
    25 July 2007Patrick Dewaere and gender identity in Giscardian France (1974-1981)  Birchall, Bridget
    26 January 2016Patterns and Drivers of Recent Peatland Carbon Accumulation in Northeastern Canada  Sanderson, Nicole Katherine
    4 March 2019Patterns in Stress and Mortality in Small Ornamental Aquarium Fish and Interventions for Improving Health and Well-being  Stevens, C
    26 July 2021Paul's Humble Leadership in Light of Contemporary Studies of Humility and Leadership: A Comparative Analysis of Paul's Deployment of Humility in 2 Corinthians 10–13 and Philippians  Rierson, L
    1 July 2019PD 3.0: Educational Technology in Language Teaching at the tertiary level in Hong Kong, perceptions and implications for future adoption  Kohnke, L
    1 October 2012Peacemaking for Power-sharing: The Role of Kin-states  Kocadal, Ozker
    22 September 2015Pedagogical Affordances, Challenges & Limitations of the iPad as it is Used in the Foundations Program of the Fujairah Higher Colleges of Technology in the United Arab Emirates  Ali, Barraq Hassoun
    20 December 2012Pedestrian Performance: A Mapped Journey  Darby, Kristofor James
    10 December 2009Peer Leadership in a Virtual Community of Practice  Ross, Jack John Wesley
    12 March 2013Peer Review, Collaborative Revision, and Genre in L2 Writing  Memari Hanjani, Alireza
    3 June 2010People Helping People - an Assessment of the Market Towns and Related Initiatives and the Extent to Which They Addressed Rural Poverty  Morris, Gordon Ralph
    1 July 2019People of the Book An Analytical Study of Jews and Christians in the Qur’an With Particular Reference to Contemporary Exegetical Discourse  Hassan, K
    7 January 2019Perceived Ambiguity, Ambiguity Attitude and Strategic Ambiguity in Games  Hartmann, L
    16 November 2010Perceived Exertion Relationships and Prediction of Peak Oxygen Uptake in Able-bodied and Paraplegic Individuals  Al-Rahamneh, Harran Qoblan Mefleh
    8 March 2010Perceived Exertion Relationships in Adults and Children  Lambrick, Danielle Marie
    1 December 2016Perception, Attention, Imagery: Samuel Beckett and the Psychological Experiment  Powell, Joshua George