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    25 October 2016The Application of Social Marketing to Promote Water Efficiency in the Tourism Accommodation Industry  Borden, David Scott
    16 August 2011The Approach of NGOs and Civil Society Organizations to Turkish EU Membership with a Reference to the Helsinki Process: Constructive or Critical  Aslan, Huseyin
    18 May 2018The Arabian killifish (Aphanius dispar) as a novel model for mycophysiological studies.  Hamied, Atyaf Saied
    10 December 2010The Archaeology of Autism and the Emergence of the Autistic Subject  Vakirtzi, Eva
    24 October 2017The Archaeology of Castle Slighting in the Middle Ages  Nevell, Richard
    22 September 2010The Architects of Eighteenth Century English Freemasonry, 1720 - 1740  Berman, Richard Andrew
    1 August 2016The Art of Possible: Experiences of Critical Pedagogy at a Higher Education Institution in the Sultanate of Oman  Chirciu, Alina Rebecca
    1 August 2016The Artist’s Dilemma: Truth, Process, and Form in the Great War Narratives of Robert Graves, Mary Borden, and David Jones  Steele, Suzanne Marie
    16 June 2010The aspirations of young people in care and their perspectives on resilience  Carvalho, Alice
    30 September 2016The Assessment Practices of In-service Kurdish Tertiary TESOL Teachers and their Cognitions of Alternative Assessment  Ismael, Dler Abdullah Ismael
    5 September 2013The association between early maternal responsiveness and later child behaviour  Anker, Regine Angelika
    6 January 2020The association between emotional disorder and absence from school in children and young people  Finning, K
    7 May 2013The Association Between Maternal Responsiveness and Child Social and Emotional Development  Best, Lara
    7 May 2013The Association Between Observed Maternal Sensitivity to Non-distress and Child Temperament  Dixie, Laura Mary
    2 May 2014The Association Between Traumatic Brain Injury, Behavioural Factors and Facial Emotion Recognition Skills in Delinquent Youth  Cook, Sarah
    6 July 2016The association of childhood attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with socioeconomic disadvantage  Russell, Abigail Emma
    6 May 2014The Association of Postpartum Mood and Neural Responses to Infant-Related and Generally Rewarding Stimuli: An fMRI Study  Williams, Katie
    19 May 2016The Assured's Remedies for Late Payment in Indemnity Insurance Claims  Liu , Riyao
    30 March 2011The attributes of value co-creation in service and its impact on customers' willingness to pay. Observations from three service industries.  Yip, Kwok Thye
    1 September 2015The Authenticity of Person Centred Planning for People who use Learning Disability Services.  Millard, Christopher James