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    17 August 2020Depletion of the phosphatase inhibitor, PPP1R1A, may contribute to beta-cell loss in Type 1 diabetes  Chaffey, J
    30 June 2017Depositional and palaeoecological characteristics of incipient and submerged coral reefs on the inner-shelf of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef  Johnson, James
    1 July 1995Descents on curves of Genus 1  Siksek, Samir
    29 July 2019Design and Fabrication of Nanomaterials for Efficient Solar to Chemical Energy Conversion  Pawar, G
    12 October 2017Design, implementation, and evaluation of school-based sexual health education interventions in sub-Saharan Africa  Sani, Abubakar Sadiq
    1 June 2020Designed Landscapes of Georgian Industrialists 1700-1830  Long, DE
    21 April 2015Designing a Continuing Professional Development Programme for Enhancing the Teaching Skills of Teachers of the Arabic Language  Al Ghamdi, Ahmed Hassan Ahmed
    21 October 2019Designing for Optimum Experiences in Online Retail: The Impact of Website Design on Flow in Online Retail Environments  Singh, N
    3 August 2018Designing non-scattering graded-index media  King, Christopher George
    23 April 2018Designing, delivering, and evaluating novel interventions to support dietary change for weight management  van Beurden, Samantha Barbara
    8 June 2020Desiring Long-Term Intimacy in Victorian to Twenty-First Century British and American Homosexual Literature  Sargent, J
    10 June 2019Destination Competitiveness in Perhentian Island, Malaysia: The Role of Image, Experience and Loyalty.  Binti Mior Shariffuddin, NS
    13 May 2011Detecting and Identifying Collective Phenomena within Movement Data  Wood, Zena Marie
    23 March 2018Detection and Localisation of Pipe Bursts in a District Metered Area Using an Online Hydraulic Model  Okeya, Olanrewaju Isaac
    13 November 2015Detection of Barrett's Neoplasia with Vibrational Spectroscopy  Old, Oliver
    13 June 2022Detection of Blood Nitric Oxide Congeners and Nitrated Proteins in Human Health and Anaemia  Abu Alghayth, M
    31 May 2017Determinants and Consequences of Car Use  Chng Chong Wei, Samuel
    7 May 2013Determinants and Influences of Paternal Responsiveness in Infancy  Coffey, Sarah
    21 November 2016Determinants for the market diffusion of renewable energy technologies - An analysis of the framework conditions for non-residential photovoltaic and onshore wind energy deployment in Germany, Spain and the UK  Boie, Inga
    19 November 2014Determination of an Ultimate Pit Limit Utilising Fractal Modelling to Optimise NPV  Yasrebi, Amir Bijan