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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    25 October 2012Life-history variation and evolved response to food stress in Oncopeltus fasciatus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)  Attisano, Alfredo
    12 March 2018Light in scattering media: active control and the exploration of intensity correlations  Paniagua Diaz, Alba Maria
    30 September 2009Light Touches: Cultural Practices of Illumination, London 1780-1840  Barnaby, Alice
    24 October 2013Limiting Factors in Colonial Seabirds, with Emphasis on Predation, Disease, Parasites and Diet, and Implications for Monitoring Studies  Matias, Rafael Faria Silvestre
    4 March 2014Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students' Experiences of Small Group Projects at a University in Canada: The Significance of Relationships and Identity Building Processes to the Realisation of Cooperative Learning  de Silva, Moira Eilona Margaret
    25 October 2021Linking patterns to process: incorporating physiological mechanism into climate-based distribution models  Gardner, A
    17 August 2020Linking phenology to population dynamics and distribution change in a changing climate  Stewart, J
    31 May 2018Linking the past to the future: An exploration of the educational experiences of children who have lived with domestic abuse  Chestnutt, Sarah Jayne
    11 July 2022Listening Anxiety and Listening Comprehension: A Study of Saudi Female University Students Studying English as a Foreign Language.  Alhendi, N
    30 May 2017Literacy barriers to learning and learner experiences  Pollock, Susan Patricia
    7 June 2021Literacy, gender and underachievement through the eyes of five boys with identified literacy difficulties within the secondary curriculum  Battershall, S
    13 September 2021Literary Censorship and the Victorian Novel  Meek, S
    21 September 2020LITERATURE REVIEW: How are Self-Compassion, Self-Criticism and Self-Blame, Related to Executive Function Skills: A Systematic Review EMPIRICAL PAPER: Skills for Self-Compassion After Trauma: The Role of Executive Function  Miles, T
    13 September 2019Literature Review: Metacognition in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review; Empirical Paper: Metacognition in Children: How do the Emergent Awareness Abilities of Prediction, Error Detection and Evaluation Change by Age?  Jenkin, R
    2 May 2016LITERATURE REVIEW: Mind Wandering and Anhedonia: A Systematic Review. EMPIRICAL PAPER: An Experience Sampling Study: Does Mind Wandering Mediate the link between Depression and Anhedonia?  Pitt, Joanna Diana (Jodi)
    1 May 2015LITERATURE REVIEW: Repetitive Negative Thought and Anhedonia: A Systematic Review; EMPIRICAL PAPER: Repetitive Negative Thought and Reward Sensitivity  Burrows-Kerr, Ruth
    28 February 2022Literature review: The Role of Inter-goal Conflict in Depressive Symptomatology: A Systematic Review. Empirical paper: The Relationship Between Intrapersonal Goal-Value Conflict and Depressive Symptomatology  Iszard, M
    5 August 2016Little and often makes much: identifying the time-reinforced toxicity of pesticides and their impacts on bees  Holder, Philippa Jane
    23 August 2021Living at Home: People, Spaces, and the Changing Domestic Environment in Early Modern South-West England  Binding, A
    17 October 2017Living Islam in Jerusalem: Faith, Conflict, and the Disruption of Religious Practice  Schmitt, Kenneth Howard