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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 February 2019Settler Hegemony and Indigenous Resistance: A New Approach to Political Cleavages in Bahrain under Hamad bin ʿIsa Al Khalifa (1999 - 2010)  Choi, J
    9 July 2010Sex peptide evolution and the impact of selfish genetic elements  Smith, Damian Thomas
    29 June 2017Sex, selfish genes, and the shared genome  Hawkes, Michael Francis
    22 November 2012Sex-specific effects of DDT resistance in flies  Rostant, Wayne Geoffrey
    3 July 2015Sexual Conflict and Sexual Selection in the Indian Meal Moth, Plodia interpunctella.  Willis, Sheridan
    30 May 2022Sexual Health and Relationship Education and Supporting Services Available to Young People in Tehran; Needs Assessment and Programme Design  Sheikhansari, N
    17 May 2021Sexual Selection and Bacteria  Oyesiku-Blakemore, S
    8 June 2009Sexual Selection and Insect Genitalia  Higgins, Sahran L.
    22 December 2008Sexual selection and personality in zebra finches, Taeniopygia guttata  Schuett, Wiebke
    8 November 2012Sexual Selection and Reproductive Isolation in Field Crickets  Tyler, Frances
    12 June 2008Sexual selection and the benefits of mating with attractive males in Drosophila simulans  Taylor, Michelle Louise
    14 October 2010Sexual selection in Drosophila simulans  Sharma, Manmohan Dev
    6 August 2014Shadow of the Leviathan: the Role of Dominance in the Evolution of Costly Punishment  Gordon, David S.
    9 July 2014Shaikh Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah, 1895-1965  Alnajdi, Abdullah Ahmad
    11 November 2019Shakespeare and the Botanic Reformation  Ford, H
    10 February 2012Shakespeare's Olivier: Selfhood, Nationhood and the Cinema (1944-1958)  Barnes, Jennifer Ann
    18 October 2012Shape Descriptors  Aktas, Mehmet Ali
    18 April 2018Shaping Diyarbakır through words. Representations and narrations of the city in Kurdish and Turkish literature during the twentieth and twenty-first century.  Marilungo, Francesco
    6 June 2016Shaping the Family; Anti-Obesity Discourses and Family Life  MacAllister, Louise Karen
    7 October 2019Shedding New Light on Cancer with Non-Linear Optical Microscopy  Alghamdi, S