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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 October 2012Shifting paradigms of practice in 'Interpretación Gestual': Integrating bodymind training with Michael Chekhov's acting techniques within the context of training professional actors in Spain.  Garre Rubio, Soledad Pilar
    17 February 2014Shiʿi Defenders of Avicenna: An Intellectual History of the Philosophers of Shiraz  Bdaiwi, Ahab
    30 September 2009Shooting the President: The Depiction of the American Presidency on Film and Television from John F. Kennedy to Josiah Bartlet  Barber, Matthew David
    16 August 2019Sibling discourses of future planning for individuals with learning disabilities: An exploration of taboo  Royall, B
    7 March 2022Sibling relationships and their relevance to psychoanalytic work: a qualitative study  Casas Pardo, A
    6 February 2009Signal Processing Issues Related to Deterministic Sea Wave Prediction  Abusedra, Lamia
    10 June 2019Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 6 (STAT6) as a Regulator of Pancreatic Beta Cell Health  Afi Leslie, K
    10 October 2014Signalling Circuitry Controlling Fungal Virulence in the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe Oryzae  Oses-Ruiz, Miriam
    2 November 2020Silent Displacement in Occupied Palestine: Hebron as a case study  Hamdan, A
    7 September 2012Simplified CFD modelling of tidal turbines for exploring arrays of devices  Gebreslassie, Mulualem G.
    15 October 2013Simplified Sewer Flow Modelling  Austin, Rebecca Jane
    22 February 2017Since 15M: the technopolitical reassembling of democracy in Spain.  Calleja López, Antonio
    15 May 2013Singing to be Normal: Tracing the Behavioural Influence of Music in Conflict Transformation  Robertson, Craig
    15 February 2010Sites of Practice: Negotiating Sustainability and Livelihoods in Rural Cambodia  Whittingham, Emma Wynne
    4 February 2019Situated Framings of Responsible Innovation in a Chinese Context: Case Study of Changsha County  Li, F
    31 May 2018Sleep Difficulties in Primary School-aged Children: A Role for the Educational Psychologist  De'Cage, Sanchia
    18 October 2021Small tax practitioners in the UK - Provision of tax advice. A qualitative study  Burkinshaw, L
    1 May 2008Smooth Relevance Vector Machines  Schmolck, Alexander
    13 September 2021Social and behavioural aspects of a pine marten translocation.  Bavin, D
    24 August 2020Social and spatial ecology of free-ranging domestic dogs  Wilson-Aggarwal, J