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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    10 February 2020Each According to His Manner: Latinate Chroniclers in England 1377–1422  Marsh, HFT
    16 January 2023Early Development and Genetic Engineering in the Lepidopteran model organism Galleria mellonella  Pearce, J
    12 November 2012Early development and the honesty of aposematic signals in a poison frog  Flores De Gracia, Eric Enrique
    31 August 2010Early Development of Foreign Direct Investment in the Travel Trade Industry of China: 1998 to 2007  Yu, Jian
    29 December 2014Early Girls’ Marriage in Tajikistan: Causes and Continuity  Bakhtibekova, Zulfiya
    21 March 2022Early Medieval Ecclesiastical Sites in the Landscape of South-West Wales  Vousden, N
    20 September 2021Early Modern British Infantry Combat: realities, perceptions and the question of modernity, 1642-1746  Yun, D
    28 September 2011Early Muslim Traditionalism: A Critical Study of the Works and Political Theology of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal  Al Sarhan, Saud Saleh
    4 April 2016Early stage drug discovery screening for novel compounds active against the persister phenotype in Burkholderia thailandensis.  Barker, Samuel Peter
    8 March 2018Early use and production technologies of iron in Southwest China  Li, Yu Niu
    26 June 2015Early Warning Signals of Environmental Tipping Points  Boulton, Christopher Andrew
    30 June 2016Early-warning indicators for tipping points  Ritchie, Paul David Longden Jr
    22 February 2018Eating well: Understanding and shaping the mealtime experience of older adults in residential care  Watkins, Ross
    24 May 2021Ecclesia Reformata – John Morton’s Contemporaries and the Remaking of the English Church  Atkinson, D
    30 November 2015Echoes of the Fall of the Umayyads in Traditional and Modern Sources: A Case Study of the Final Eight Years of the Umayyad Empire with Some Reference to Gramsci’s Theory of Cultural Hegemony  Bennaji, Yousef
    8 August 2008Eco-efficient friction materials  Sloan, Michael Sloan
    24 June 2016Eco-Fiction: Bringing Climate Change into the Imagination  David, Sophia
    4 June 2010Ecological and anthropogenic constraints on waterbirds of the Forth Estuary: population and behavioural responses to disturbance  Dwyer, Ross G.
    9 January 2015Ecological and evolutionary implications of shapes during population expansion  Coles, Christopher Lee
    3 July 2023Ecological and Social Dimensions of Raptor Translocations  Marino, F