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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    7 January 2016F.W. Harvey and the First World War: A biographical study of F.W. Harvey and his place in the First World War literary canon.  Repshire, James Grant
    29 June 2009Fabrication and transport properties of graphene-based nanostructures  Gorbachev, Roman
    23 October 2014Facebook for Geese: The Causes and Consequences of Non-random Social Associations in a Group Forager  Silk, Matthew John
    7 March 2012Faces of Economic Inequality in the Iraqi Kurdistan (2004-2010)  Noori, Nyaz Najmuldeen
    3 June 2019Facial affect recognition in young adult offenders: Investigating the impact of traumatic brain injury and assessing targets for intervention  Cohen, M
    18 May 2017Facilitating Enforcement of International Investment Dispute Awards  Esra, Yildiz
    7 May 2013Facilitators Views on Victim Empathy Work in Sex Offender Treatment and its Impact on Therapeutic Alliance  Norton, Russell
    28 September 2011Factors Affecting the Motivation of Expatriate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman  Zafar Khan, Sarah
    11 January 2021Factors affecting the social transmission of novel behaviours: from the individual to the group  Laker, P
    29 June 2012Factors influencing environmentally-significant consumption by higher-income households: A multi-method study of South Devon for social marketing application  Hurth, Victoria Mary Francis
    30 September 2011Factors Influencing Information and Communication Technology Implementation in Government Secondary Schools in Kuwait  Alajmi, Saad Shaji Saad
    17 July 2017Factors influencing pre-hospital decisions not to convey: a mixed methods study  Black, Sarah Louise
    9 June 2017Factors Influencing the Adoption of Nature Inspired Innovation for Sustainability in Multinational Corporations  Mead, Taryn Lee
    10 December 2018Factors influencing the effects of dietary nitrate supplementation on nitric oxide biomarkers and blood pressure  McDonagh, STJ
    29 May 2009Factors Influencing the Implementation and Sustaining of Initiatives: Insights into Early Reading Research (ERR)  Spanswick, Anika
    14 February 2012Factors influencing the outcomes of children utilising CAMHS  Norman, SM
    24 June 2014Factors of Deterioration of the Archaeological Sites and Protection Methods in the Archaeological Site of Cyrene (Shahat)  Abdulkariem, Ahmad A Farag
    30 September 2008Factors Related to Mathematics Anxiety in Males and Females in a Hispanic-Serving Rural Community College  Hathaway, Stewart
    30 November 2020Factors that affect the embedding of blended learning and how they vary across organisational levels within an English Further Education College  Thomson, L
    20 October 2014Factors That Affect The Success Of Women Administrators In Higher Education  Farley, Penelope Gillian