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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    29 May 2013I Can Resist Anything Except Temptation: Self-regulatory Fatigue and Ethical Spending  Crelley, David
    19 August 2019Iconic architecture through the lens of Instagram: the case studies of the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul  Kim, J
    1 March 2010Ideas about the Economic Advantages of Colonial Maritime War and their Impact on British Politics and Naval Policy, 1701-1729  Satsuma, Shinsuke
    25 September 2012Identification and characterisation of resistance to the take-all fungus in wheat  McMillan, Vanessa Elizabeth
    11 February 2013Identification and characterisation of toxin-antitoxin systems (TA) in Burkholderia pseudomallei  Butt, Aaron Trevor
    28 March 2018Identification and characterization of novel signalling pathways involved in peroxisome proliferation in humans  Sadeghi Azadi, Afsoon
    3 February 2017Identification and Development of Novel Optics for Concentrator Photovoltaic Applications  Shanks, Katie May Agnes
    28 March 2012Identification of Change in a Dynamic Dot Pattern and its use in the Maintenance of Footprints  Dupenois, Maximillian Philip
    26 October 2015Identification of genetic and non-genetic factors contributing to female reproductive ageing  Ruth, Katherine Sarah
    10 August 2017Identification of hepatocyte nuclear factor 1β-associated disease  Clissold, Rhian
    3 December 2018Identification of known and new candidate molecular causes of inherited neurodevelopmental disorders  Gardner, S
    17 October 2022Identifying and addressing difficulties with awareness in early-stage dementia  Alexander, C
    13 December 2021Identifying DNA Methylation Signatures in Alzheimer's Disease Blood  Roubroeks, J
    19 December 2016Identities and Agency in Transition: moving from special school to further education.  Douglas, Anastasia Jane
    23 July 2014Identity and Foreign Policy-Making: A Comparative Analysis of Self-Other Perceptions in EU-Russia Peace-Making Towards the Palestinian Statehood, 2000-2012. 'An Analysis of the Role of Identity in the Process of Peace-Making in the Middle East.'  Alagha, Malath Abed Elraheem
    23 March 2017Identity and Ministry in Healthcare Chaplaincy: The liminality of the Church of England priest who continues to sing the Lord’s song in the strange land of the National Health Service  Kyriakides-Yeldham, Anthony Paul Richard
    12 May 2016Identity Matters: Stories of Non-native English-speaking Teachers’ Experiences under the Shadow of Native Speakerism.  Ashraf, Sabina
    4 April 2016Identity matters: exploring supply chain sustainability with a social identity perspective  Huang, Yu
    14 August 2008Identity, Lifelong Learning and Narrative - A Theoretical Investigation  Zhao, Kang
    7 May 2013Identity-Complexity, Stigmatised Identities and Psychological Well-being in Adolescents  Beckley, Paul