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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    22 September 2009Labour Markets in Developing Countries  Yavuz, Ayse Arzu
    11 June 2010Land and Reconciliation in Australia: A Theological Approach  Burn, Geoffrey Livingston
    30 September 2010Land, Rest & Sacrifice: Ecological Reflections on the Book of Leviticus  Morgan, Jonathan David
    13 December 2016Landscape, Memory and Secrecy: The Cold War Archaeology of the Royal Observer Corps  Clarke, Robert
    9 April 2014Landscapes of burial in early medieval Wessex: the funerary appropriation of the antecedent landscape, c. AD 450-850  Mees, Kate Anna
    31 August 2016Landslide Inventories in the European Alps and their applicability and use in Climate Change Studies.  Wood, Joanne Laura
    31 March 2015Language Anxiety: A Case Study of the Perceptions and Experiences of Teachers and Students of English as a Foreign Language in a Higher Education Institution in the United Arab Emirates  Lababidi, Rola
    31 July 2013Language Awareness & Knowledge About Language: A History of a Curriculum Reform Movement Under the Conservatives, 1979 -1997.  Murakami, Charlotte Victoria Trudy
    26 September 2012Language Maintenance-attrition among Generations of the Venetian-Italian Community in Anglophone Canada  Bortolato, Claudia
    20 June 2017Language Register and Innovation in Arabic Consumer Advertising: Case studies of Jordan's Al-Rai and Egypt's Al-Ahram newspapers  Al-Qutob, Dima
    28 September 2012Language under the Microscope: Science and Philology in English Fiction 1850-1914  Abberley, William Harrison
    30 September 2014Languages in Relation: A Narrative Inquiry into Second Language Development and Support in the Context of Multilingual Couplehood  Yim, Soo Yeon
    15 January 2013Large Scale Manufacturing of WS2 Nanomaterials and Their Application in Polymer Nanocomposites  Xu, Fang
    1 October 2006Late assignment of syntax theory: evidence from Chinese and English  Shen, Xingjia
    4 September 2023Late glacial abrupt climate events in tropical South America  Oughton, JW
    29 September 2009Late Pleistocene - Early Holocene glacial dynamics, Asian palaeomonsoon variability and landscape change at Lake Shudu, Yunnan Province, southwestern China  Cook, Charlotte Govett
    13 September 2021Late Quaternary changes in the Westerly Winds over the Southern Ocean  Whittle, A
    30 August 2013Le désaccord et la critique entre amis : stratégies d'adoucissement dans le discours pré-conflictuel (Disagreement and Criticism Between Friends: Mitigation Strategies in Preconflictual Discourse)  Riou, Lucie
    11 November 2019Lead Poisoning and Illegal Hunting of Migratory Swans: from biological effects to conservation conflict  Newth, J
    9 July 2014Leadership Development, Identity, Culture and Context: A Qualitative Case Study  Nedjati-Gilani, Parisa