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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 February 2019Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis of Complex Mathematical Models: An Application to Epilepsy  Ferrat, L
    28 June 2021Machine Learning for Classification and Clustering of Dementia Data  Guest, F
    30 May 2013Macro-Economic Forces, Managerial Behaviour and Board Networks as Drivers of M&A Activity  Haller, Felix
    26 March 2008Macroalgal dynamics on Caribbean coral forereefs  Renken, Hendrik
    5 November 2015Macroecological Patterns of Plant Species and Anthropogenic Activities  Correa Cano, María Eugenia
    17 October 2016Madness, Resistance, and Representation in Contemporary British and Irish Theatre  Venn, Jonathan Edward
    5 August 2009Magic and the Roman Emperors  Andrikopoulos, Georgios
    24 August 2017Magnesium: Supplementation, absorption and effect on blood pressure and exercise  Kass, Lindsy
    12 June 2023Magnetic Control of Acoustic Resonators and Metamaterials  Latcham, O
    18 October 2021Magnetic Field Effects in Quantum Biology: Beyond the Radical Pair Mechanism  Keens, R
    26 May 2020Magnetic Helicity Flow in the Sun and Heliosphere  Hawkes, G
    3 July 2023Magnetic Imaging and Spectroscopy Methods for Determining Spinal Muscle Function in Vivo  Alharthi, S
    21 March 2022Magnetic metamaterials for innovative solutions to the inductive tagging problem  Glover, E
    16 May 2022Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for prostate cancer diagnosis in primary care  Merriel, S
    30 March 2012Magnetisation and Transport Studies of Carbon Based Nanostructures  Hubbard, Stephen B.
    2 November 2020Magnetisation dynamics and tuneable GHz properties of unsaturated magnetic nanostructures  Osuna Ruiz, D
    29 February 2012Magnetisation Dynamics of Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Spintronics  Gangmei, Prim
    31 October 2016Magnetisation Dynamics of Nanostructured Spintronic Devices  Durrant, Christopher John
    9 May 2023Magnetization Dynamics in Exchange Coupled Multilayers  Newman, D
    2 August 2021Magnitude and Pacing of Early Jurassic Palaeoclimate Change: Chemostratigraphy and Cyclostratigraphy of the British Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian – Pliensbachian)  Hudson, A