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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 February 2019Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis of Complex Mathematical Models: An Application to Epilepsy  Ferrat, L
    28 June 2021Machine Learning for Classification and Clustering of Dementia Data  Guest, F
    30 May 2013Macro-Economic Forces, Managerial Behaviour and Board Networks as Drivers of M&A Activity  Haller, Felix
    26 March 2008Macroalgal dynamics on Caribbean coral forereefs  Renken, Hendrik
    5 November 2015Macroecological Patterns of Plant Species and Anthropogenic Activities  Correa Cano, María Eugenia
    17 October 2016Madness, Resistance, and Representation in Contemporary British and Irish Theatre  Venn, Jonathan Edward
    5 August 2009Magic and the Roman Emperors  Andrikopoulos, Georgios
    24 August 2017Magnesium: Supplementation, absorption and effect on blood pressure and exercise  Kass, Lindsy
    18 October 2021Magnetic Field Effects in Quantum Biology: Beyond the Radical Pair Mechanism  Keens, R
    26 May 2020Magnetic Helicity Flow in the Sun and Heliosphere  Hawkes, G
    30 March 2012Magnetisation and Transport Studies of Carbon Based Nanostructures  Hubbard, Stephen B.
    2 November 2020Magnetisation dynamics and tuneable GHz properties of unsaturated magnetic nanostructures  Osuna Ruiz, D
    29 February 2012Magnetisation Dynamics of Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Spintronics  Gangmei, Prim
    31 October 2016Magnetisation Dynamics of Nanostructured Spintronic Devices  Durrant, Christopher John
    2 August 2021Magnitude and Pacing of Early Jurassic Palaeoclimate Change: Chemostratigraphy and Cyclostratigraphy of the British Lower Jurassic (Sinemurian – Pliensbachian)  Hudson, A
    11 November 2019Maintained Special Schools for Children with Social Emotional and Mental Health Needs and their Work with Parents  Day, J
    16 February 2018Making Distant Futures: Implementing Geological Disposal of Nuclear Waste in the UK and Finland  Hietala, Marika
    20 June 2011Making room for faith in English dispute resolution proceedings  Harding, Anne Elizabeth
    14 March 2013Making Sense of Curriculum Change: Teachers’ Perspectives  Castro, Angela Federica
    30 September 2010Making sense of dyslexia: A life history study with dyslexic adults mapping meaning-making and its relationship to the development of positive self-perceptions and coping skills  Gwernan-Jones, Ruth